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Apple Watch Bands 42mm


Shop 42mm Apple Watch Bands

Looking for a way to turn your Apple Watch from just a smart watch into a fashion accessory? With the line of42mm Apple Watch bands from Case-Mate, you’re sure to find the perfect band for you. Designed with an emphasis on style and attention to detail, each band offers a truly unique look for your Apple Watch.

Stylish 42mm Apple Watch Accessories

This refined collection of 42mm bands delivers sophisticated style to the Apple Watch. Featuring the iconic look of the handcrafted Signature Leather band, the captivating sparkle of Brilliance, and the sleek, sporty profile of Vented, each band is distinctive in it its own right. Case-Mate Apple Watch Bands are compatible with the newest Apple Watch Series 1 and Apple Watch Series 2.

Apple Watch Screen Protectors And Bumpers

No matter what wrist you wear your Series One or Series Two Apple Watch on, it’s bound to experience the bumps, knocks and jostles that go with wrist jewelry. In order to prevent any potential damage, outfit your watch with the screen protectors and bumpers offered by Case-Mate. Choose the classic design of a clear model or opt for some shine with a Sheer Glam model.

So what are you waiting for? Shop 42mm Apple Watch Bands today!