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Women's Holiday Gift Guide - Top 10 Gifts for that Special Woman in Your Life

Posted on December 05, 2016 by Team Case-Mate | 0 comments

Karat Collection

Looking for the perfect stocking stuffer? The Karat Collection was inspired by lucite handbags from the 1950s and 60s and has genuine metal elements inside. This case will make her feel chic and regal all at the same time.

Power Dust

Stumped on what to get that power woman in your life? We’ve found the perfect gift! Since coffee is so 2016- get her Power Dust by Moon Juice. It not only regulates her body’s vital energy, it’s a stress reliever is well! She'll be so happy with this unique gift.

Brilliance Tough Lace

She’s beautiful, smart and tough. Why not get her a phone case that says exactly that! The Brilliance Tough Lace case is not only tough, it’s stunning. With over 800 genuine crystals, this gift is sure to impress your girl.

Bene Scarves

Bene Scarves are the ultimate gift. There’s nothing better than getting your girl a beautiful scarf that gives back to women. Every purchase goes towards education to girls in West Africa by sponsoring tuition, books, and other necessities so they can fulfill their dreams and continue their education. Did I mention they’re 100% silk and will go with absolutely everything in her wardrobe?

Apple Watch Bands

She finally got that Apple Watch! U pgrade her look with a fashionable watch band. Offered in a variety of styles, her unique band is sure to make people do a double take.

Balm Dotcom

Let’s face it, this weather has us all a little chapped. Glossier’s Balm Dotcom is going to be your girl’s best friend this season. She can use it anywhere and it’s small enough to have one in her purse, at her office, and at why not get her a few?

Junk Food Waterfall

We’re going to go out on a limb here, but we have a hunch your girl loves pizza...and french fries...and maybe even the occasional cheeseburger. Let her show off a few of her favorite things with the Junk Food Waterfall Case. We guarantee it will be a hit.

Polaroid Mobile Printer

It seems like everything is instant these days. Why not have your photos be the same way? Is she reuniting with her girls this holiday season? She’ll be so happy to take that group photo and print it out for an instant keepsake with the Polaroid Mobile Printer!

Gilded Glass

We all know the feeling when your phone slips out of your hand and there’s that moment of “Oh no, the screen is for sure shattered.” Anxiety no more with our Gilded Glass screen protectors. Offered in metallic and iridescent options, the Gilded Glass collection will provide her protection while giving her phone a new edge.

Tech Knit Gloves

It’s 32 degrees out, she’s freezing, but she just HAS to take that Snapchat. Look no further... Coach is making it easy to post without getting frostbite with their fashionably chic Knit Tech Gloves!

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