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Mens Holiday Gift Guide - 10 Trending Gifts for the Tech Junkie

Posted on December 01, 2016 by Team Case-Mate | 0 comments

Tough Mag Case

We all know one- the guy who is constantly dropping his phone. The Tough Mag collection to the rescue! Its military grade protection and rugged textured finish are sure to give you that secure feeling.

Tech-Friendly Gloves

We live in a world where we always need to stay connected. Replying to emails, texting and even posting can be difficult with these dropping temps. Honns has created stylish gloves with a touchscreen friendly thumb and index finger so you can go on with your day, business as usual.

Tough Stand Case

So the game is on, but your girl wants to go out to dinner and there are no TVs in sight. What do you do? Miss out on the banter in your Fantasy Team’s group text? Ditch your girl? Good news- you don’t have to choose either! Try our Tough Stand case adorned with a kickstand that allows you to watch the game comfortably on-the-go.

Quadcopter Drone

As we all know, drones are having a moment. This is the perfect gift for the guy who constantly needs the hottest gadget that hits the market. For those who want something easy and get the most bang for your buck, the DBPOWER Quadcopter Drone is ideal! Enjoy a live feed directly on your iPhone.

Naked Tough Case

Classic, simple, and durable- the Naked Tough collection is perfect for the guy that wants to stay in his comfort zone while having that military grade drop protection.

Bluetooth Digital Pen

So he’s pretty old school and still writes everything down in his notebook, but he needs to send out that meeting recap! Sharper Image has a Bluetooth Digital Pen that is the perfect solution, converting all your written notes into digital files.



Wallet Folio

Say goodbye to bulky pockets! Our Wallet Folio smartphone case holds all your cards, cash, AND your phone. Talk about convenience.

Pocket DJ

Tired of always fighting over who gets to DJ the party? This pocket-size mixer can travel with you anywhere, bringing your party from a 7 to a 10. It allows you to hook up everyone’s phone to one outlet, giving everyone a chance to debut their Spotify jam of the moment.

Apple Watch Bands

Elevate your Apple Watch game with our Apple Watch Bands! They are offered in a variety of styles so you can customize your guy’s look.

Olfactory Alarm Clock

 Waking up for work is hard- especially in this weather! What if there was something to get you out of bed and kick-start your morning? We think we’ve found it. The Olfactory Alarm Clock from Sensorwake wakes you up with seven different scents, from Espresso to Seaside.

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