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I Would Put My Phone Down For You…A Valentine’s Day Gift Guide

Posted on February 07, 2017 by Team Case-Mate | 0 comments

Flower Subscription

We’ll start with the obvious here-flowers...with a twist. Head over to The Bouqs Company and sign your person up for a flower subscription! You can choose between three options: Regular Deliveries, Special Occasions, or Just Because. We recommend going with “Just Because”, well because, who doesn't love random flower deliveries?!

Rose Gold Pocket

If you’re looking for something small, but necessary, Case-Mate Pockets are a great little gift. They carry your most crucial necessities, and are equipped with two slots to hold your cards securely while having them accessible at all times. No more reaching for your wallet when you need your ID, credit card, or MetroCard with trendy Pockets!

Caged Crystal

Your girl is probably expecting some bling. Want to get her some jewels without breaking the bank? Look no further than the Caged Crystal case. Enhanced with faceted crystals this is definitely a showstopper, and a gorgeous new accessory to add to her collection.


Who doesn't love candy on Valentine’s Day?! Sugarwish brings you the most thoughtful way to gift a sweet treat. It’s simple- you choose the amount of candy you’d like to gift, and the receiver customizes the details to fit their taste palate perfectly.

Brilliance Lace

This romantic case would make a great gift. Its mix of genuine crystal and subtle pearlescent stones makes it elevated, elegant, and beautifully embellished. The Brilliance Tough Lace case is quite the statement piece and is sure to make anyone excited.

Gilded Glass

Make sure your valentine is always practicing safe texting with Gilded Glass. They are available in multiple designs to fit everyone’s aesthetic. It’s the perfect touch of style to accessorize and protect your iPhone!

Framed Instagram Photo

This gift is super easy. You simply connect to your Instagram feed, pick out your favorite picture of the two of you, and order a beautiful keepsake your valentine will cherish forever. The museum-quality frame will add so much to any space and is extremely special!

Folio Wristlet Rose Gold

She’ll be looking pretty in pink with this essential carryall! The Folio Wristlet carries her phone and wallet all in one! Made of genuine pebbled leather and adorned with metal accents, this accessory is so chic it’ll blow her mind. 

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Wear The Rainbow: An Iridescent Gift Guide

Posted on December 19, 2016 by Team Case-Mate | 0 comments

Naked Tough Iridescent

There is no doubt iridescent is having a moment in fashion. Easily channel your inner fashionista with the best accessory- your phone case! The Naked Tough Iridescent case is sleek and chic giving your device a complete makeover.

Tiley Sunglasses

Warby Parker’s Tiley Sunglasses totally bring it. The classic cat eye frame paired with the iridescent lenses make these sunglasses stand out from the rest of your collection. Also, for every pair purchased a pair is distributed to someone in need.

Lee & Elisa Gift Set

This Lee & Elisa gift set comes with everything a girl could possibly want! With iridescent earrings and a matching necklace, you could pair them together or apart for two totally different looks. These pieces are classically beautiful, so you really can’t go wrong with this gift.

Tough Layers Iridescent Cage

Looking for a little texture in your life? We’ve got it! Providing you with protection and style, the Iridescent Cage case has distinctive patterns, luxe metallics, and bright color combos sure to make you smile every time you handle your device.

Iridescent Tote

Need to add a little something extra to your everyday look? J.Crew’s Iridescent tote adds just the right amount of flair that you’ve been searching for. There’s also a small pocket inside for quick and easy access to your phone, keys, or wallet.

Iridescent Pressed Powder

Looking to give your skin a shimmer sheen and luminous glow? You need MAC’s Iridescent Pressed even stands up to that awful fluorescent lighting in your office.  

Naked Tough Iridescent Waterfall

We believe you’re never too old to be captivated by the snow globe effect on this waterfall case. The iridescent sparkles and glitter cascading are mesmerizing while giving your device a fun twist.   

Iridescent Nail Polish

You’re going to walk into the room hands first with Essie’s Iridescent nail polish. Every light you’re under will give your mani a different hue, making this an extremely versatile polish to compliment every look in your closet.

Iridescent Angles Vase

This unique centerpiece is like having a giant piece of jewelry on your coffee table. Anthropologie’s Iridescent Angles vases are so beautiful, they’re bound to be a conversation starter at your next get together. They come in a variety of shapes and sizes, so you can choose what fits best with your aesthetic.   

Gilded Glass Screen Protector

The Iridescent Gilded Glass is the perfect touch of style for your device. Stand out from the rest with this little piece of panache and be totally protected at the same time.  

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Rose Gold Never Gets Old: A Rose Gold Gift Guide

Posted on December 13, 2016 by Team Case-Mate | 0 comments


Rose Gold Karat

Elevate your look with the ultimate accessory-the Rose Gold Karat case. With metallic rose gold elements encased in clear resin, this case is refined and fashionable.

Rose Gold Keyboard Decal

Individualize your laptop with this Rose Gold Keyboard Decal. This subtle addition gives your laptop a little personality while remaining chic and protected. They are made with durable vinyl, leave no residue and are easy to apply and remove. It doesn't get much better than that!

Brilliance Lace Rose Gold

If you’re looking for a statement piece, here it is. The Rose Gold Brilliance Lace case has a mix of genuine crystals, subtle pearlescent stones and rose gold accents. It’s the perfect accessory to differentiate your look.  

Adidas Rose Gold Logo Tee

Do you ever want to go out in a t-shirt, but don’t want to look like a slob? The Adidas Rose Gold Logo Tee makes you appear put together while providing comfort simultaneously. It’s a win-win...and so on trend!

Brilliance Tough Rose Gold

Strong, tough, and striking at the same time. This Rose Gold Brilliance case lives up to its name! Covered in over 800 genuine crystals, this case is sure to have you shining brighter than ever at all times.

S’well Rose Gold Water Bottle

Hydrate in style with this Rose Gold Water Bottle by S’well! Whether you prefer your drinks hot or cold this water bottle has got you covered for twenty-four hours. Oh, AND it fits into any standard-size cup holder-huge plus.

Glam Headphones

Rock out with some bling in these FRENDS x BaubleBar headphones! Use them to accessorize and spruce up your everyday wardrobe. Accompanied with interchangeable caps, these headphones are perfect for when you’re dressed down or going for a more formal look. The set comes with one pair of headphones, one pair of earrings, and two pairs of caps.

Gilded Glass Screen Protector

The Gilded Rose Gold Glass Screen Protector provides a beautifully etched metallic pattern for your device. It is the perfect way to give your phone a little bit of flair with a unique edge...and all the protection you could possibly need.

Rose Gold Charging Cord

This charging cord is a game changer and makes it impossible for your friends to take yours “by mistake”! says it best...with this Rose Gold charging cordit's like you've got your phone hooked up to an IV of rosé”. We’ll just leave it at that.

Folio Wristlet

For those nights when you don’t feel like carrying a purse, the Rose Gold Folio Wristlet from Case-Mate is just what you need. This wristlet is both sleek and trendy while giving you ultimate convenience. Everything you need lies in the palm of your hand!

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It’s All About the Sparkles: Gifts for the Glitter Enthusiast

Posted on December 09, 2016 by Team Case-Mate | 0 comments

Naked Tough Rose Gold Waterfall

We don’t know about you, but we love a good snow globe. The Naked Tough Waterfall case is so fun for the glitter obsessed girl. You won’t be able to stop shaking it up! But don’t worry- this case provides dual-layer protection for when you get a little too crazy.  

Glitter Sporty Ankle Socks

Funky socks are so trendy right now. Bringing the right amount of shimmer with a sporty edge, Topshop’s Glittery Sporty Ankle Socks peaking out of your favorite bootie are the ultimate accessory to take your outfit to the next level.

Glitter Frames

You’re going to be snapping tons of photos capturing times with friends and family. Showcase your favorite pictures from the holidays in these glitter frames from Urban Outfitters! They’re small enough to display at your desk and let your personality shine.

Brilliance Tough Champagne

This blinged out Champagne Brilliance Tough case will have you shining super bright when you’re taking your next selfie. It’s the perfect balance between elegant and edgy and tough and beautiful- you really can’t go wrong with a case that fits every person on your list.

Glitter Backpack

Hop on the backpack bandwagon with this statement piece! With its glitter shell and gold hardware, you’re guaranteed to have all eyes on you...and bonus- your friends will never lose you in a crowd.

Glitter Minimergency Kit

You’re out at the bar and your favorite shirt’s front button pops off, you have a piece of pepper wedged in between your teeth, and that headache is coming on STRONG. This could easily turn into the worst night ever, but not with the Glitter Minimergency® Kit by Pinch Provisions®! The kit includes 17 beauty and personal essentials every girl needs. From hair spray to a mini sewing kit you’ll find yourself prepared for every curveball the night throws at you.

Liquid Moondust Eyeshadow

Urban Decay’s striking Liquid Moondust Cream Eyeshadow is a glitter lover’s dream. It’s super lightweight and can be worn on its own or paired with your favorite eyeshadow. You’re bound to catch everyone’s eye at that New Year’s party.

Naked Tough Sheer Glam

Looking to ease yourself into the whole glitter thing? The Naked Tough Sheer glam case is the perfect first step. With just a hint of sparkle, this case lets you feel glitzy while still allowing you to showcase your phone’s actual color.

Glitter Sipper

Ditch the red Solo cup and stand out at your next party with the Glitter Sipper. Not only is it reusable, it’s totally unique and will have you sparkling throughout the room. Dishwasher safe and BPA free this is a total winner.

Glitterband Hair Ties

Say goodbye to ponytail dents in style. For the girl who wants to add a little flair to her up-do, the Lucky Girl Glitterband hair ties are the perfect accessories. They come in a variety of colors...that means one for every outfit!

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Women's Holiday Gift Guide - Top 10 Gifts for that Special Woman in Your Life

Posted on December 05, 2016 by Team Case-Mate | 0 comments

Karat Collection

Looking for the perfect stocking stuffer? The Karat Collection was inspired by lucite handbags from the 1950s and 60s and has genuine metal elements inside. This case will make her feel chic and regal all at the same time.

Power Dust

Stumped on what to get that power woman in your life? We’ve found the perfect gift! Since coffee is so 2016- get her Power Dust by Moon Juice. It not only regulates her body’s vital energy, it’s a stress reliever is well! She'll be so happy with this unique gift.

Brilliance Tough Lace

She’s beautiful, smart and tough. Why not get her a phone case that says exactly that! The Brilliance Tough Lace case is not only tough, it’s stunning. With over 800 genuine crystals, this gift is sure to impress your girl.

Bene Scarves

Bene Scarves are the ultimate gift. There’s nothing better than getting your girl a beautiful scarf that gives back to women. Every purchase goes towards education to girls in West Africa by sponsoring tuition, books, and other necessities so they can fulfill their dreams and continue their education. Did I mention they’re 100% silk and will go with absolutely everything in her wardrobe?

Apple Watch Bands

She finally got that Apple Watch! U pgrade her look with a fashionable watch band. Offered in a variety of styles, her unique band is sure to make people do a double take.

Balm Dotcom

Let’s face it, this weather has us all a little chapped. Glossier’s Balm Dotcom is going to be your girl’s best friend this season. She can use it anywhere and it’s small enough to have one in her purse, at her office, and at why not get her a few?

Junk Food Waterfall

We’re going to go out on a limb here, but we have a hunch your girl loves pizza...and french fries...and maybe even the occasional cheeseburger. Let her show off a few of her favorite things with the Junk Food Waterfall Case. We guarantee it will be a hit.

Polaroid Mobile Printer

It seems like everything is instant these days. Why not have your photos be the same way? Is she reuniting with her girls this holiday season? She’ll be so happy to take that group photo and print it out for an instant keepsake with the Polaroid Mobile Printer!

Gilded Glass

We all know the feeling when your phone slips out of your hand and there’s that moment of “Oh no, the screen is for sure shattered.” Anxiety no more with our Gilded Glass screen protectors. Offered in metallic and iridescent options, the Gilded Glass collection will provide her protection while giving her phone a new edge.

Tech Knit Gloves

It’s 32 degrees out, she’s freezing, but she just HAS to take that Snapchat. Look no further... Coach is making it easy to post without getting frostbite with their fashionably chic Knit Tech Gloves!

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Mens Holiday Gift Guide - 10 Trending Gifts for the Tech Junkie

Posted on December 01, 2016 by Team Case-Mate | 0 comments

Tough Mag Case

We all know one- the guy who is constantly dropping his phone. The Tough Mag collection to the rescue! Its military grade protection and rugged textured finish are sure to give you that secure feeling.

Tech-Friendly Gloves

We live in a world where we always need to stay connected. Replying to emails, texting and even posting can be difficult with these dropping temps. Honns has created stylish gloves with a touchscreen friendly thumb and index finger so you can go on with your day, business as usual.

Tough Stand Case

So the game is on, but your girl wants to go out to dinner and there are no TVs in sight. What do you do? Miss out on the banter in your Fantasy Team’s group text? Ditch your girl? Good news- you don’t have to choose either! Try our Tough Stand case adorned with a kickstand that allows you to watch the game comfortably on-the-go.

Quadcopter Drone

As we all know, drones are having a moment. This is the perfect gift for the guy who constantly needs the hottest gadget that hits the market. For those who want something easy and get the most bang for your buck, the DBPOWER Quadcopter Drone is ideal! Enjoy a live feed directly on your iPhone.

Naked Tough Case

Classic, simple, and durable- the Naked Tough collection is perfect for the guy that wants to stay in his comfort zone while having that military grade drop protection.

Bluetooth Digital Pen

So he’s pretty old school and still writes everything down in his notebook, but he needs to send out that meeting recap! Sharper Image has a Bluetooth Digital Pen that is the perfect solution, converting all your written notes into digital files.



Wallet Folio

Say goodbye to bulky pockets! Our Wallet Folio smartphone case holds all your cards, cash, AND your phone. Talk about convenience.

Pocket DJ

Tired of always fighting over who gets to DJ the party? This pocket-size mixer can travel with you anywhere, bringing your party from a 7 to a 10. It allows you to hook up everyone’s phone to one outlet, giving everyone a chance to debut their Spotify jam of the moment.

Apple Watch Bands

Elevate your Apple Watch game with our Apple Watch Bands! They are offered in a variety of styles so you can customize your guy’s look.

Olfactory Alarm Clock

 Waking up for work is hard- especially in this weather! What if there was something to get you out of bed and kick-start your morning? We think we’ve found it. The Olfactory Alarm Clock from Sensorwake wakes you up with seven different scents, from Espresso to Seaside.

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    Fashion Week Influences iPhone 7 Cases

    Posted on September 16, 2016 by Team Case-Mate | 0 comments

    It's no coincidence our iPhone 7 Collection launched at the same time New York Fashion week did. Check out how our iPhone 7 cases are spot-on with the these designer trends! 
    Fringe was everywhere, from the Christian Siriano to the Marchesa runways. Just like these looks, our Metal Fringe iPhone 7 case shifts beautifully with movement.

    Photo 1: Yannis Vlamos / Photo 2: Marcus Tondo / 

    We saw a lot of beaded detail go down the Vera Wang runway this season. Brilliance Lace is one way to carry this feminine trend with you everywhere.

    Photos: Yannis Vlamos /

    Rodarte featured an ode to gold similar to our Karat Collection. Our Gold Karat iPhone 7 case features genuine 24 karat gold flakes for a more regal accent.

    Photo 1: Umberto Fratini / Photo 2: Yannis Vlamos

    Marchesa confirmed iridescent isn't going away anytime soon, and neither is our Naked Tough Iridescent Case.

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