Clear View Screen Protector (3-pack) for iPhone 4/4S

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iPhone 4 / 4S Screen Protectors (3-Pack) 3-Pack screen protectors for iPhone 4/4S prevent fingerprints, dirt, dust and scratches from marking up your iPhone. 3 out of 5 based on 30 user reviews.
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Product Description CM011722

  • Full face iPhone 4 / 4S 3-Pack screen protector included
  • Screen cleaning cloth included
  • Soft applicator card included
Fits all iPhone 4 / iPhone 4S devices (AT&T, Verizon, Sprint and International)

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Made from a tough self-adhesive polymer, the Clear View iPhone 4/4S screen protectors prevent fingerprints, dirt, dust and scratches from marking up your iPhone. The iPhone 4/4S screen protection is both easy to apply and remove and will not disrupt the touchscreen function of your iPhone 4/4S. The screen protection kit comes with a micro-fiber cleaning cloth and an applicator card.

Does this case fit the iPhone 4S?

Yes, this case fits all the iPhone 4 and iPhone 4S (AT&T, Verizon, Sprint and International).

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Poor quality

I purchased case mate screen protectors from a retailer years ago and found them to be excellent products. There were 3 to a package and they were easy to install. One screen protector lasted 3 years. I tried to change it to a new one and had trouble with the paper tab. I left sticky residue on the front and I could not get it off. So when I ordered a case online I decided to order more screen protectors. I figured that the other ones that I had for 3 years had just gotten old sitting in a drawer. I received the new ones quickly from my online order but found the same problem. I only had one shot to install the protector and once I did the paper tab wouldn't come off cleanly. I ruined two screen protectors trying to install them and so I now have no screen protector on my phone. Unfortunately a waste of money. Such a disappointment.

-Catherine C.

Liked this protector enough I'm getting another one!

I have tried other screen protectors for my iphone, but did not like how it changed the "feel" of the touch screen--I do not notice the case-mate at all!! It is difficult to put on without bubbles or dust, but I have not used one that was not--you just have to weigh the pros and cons.


Worst Cover

I went through all three covers trying to get one that went on right. Air bubbles were not the problem as I do not have any on mine. The problem is the sticer that they put on so you can pull the screen from the backing sticks to the screen protector. It leaves a sticky gumy residue on your screen protector. This residue will not come off and I went through ALL 3 in the pack and am pissed off. I wasted my money and would not recomend anyone purchase this. Not to mention the fact that the screen was scratched coming out of the package.! I really wish somone would refund me my money! or at least send me ones that work!


If you like bubbles

I purchased this set of 3 screen protectors for my iPhone 4 as I own 2 of these phones. After making three attemps to install the screen protector while sitting at a well lit countertop with no distractions, I have a phone with 11 tiny bubbles that it is inpossible to remove. Don't waste your money.

-K. Buelter


It's absolutely impossible to apply these, there's always bubbles trapped under the screen protector. If you actually get the cover on the screen, something about it prevents you from actually being able to touch the parts of the screen you need to, rendering the phone useless. I couldn't be more disappointed in this purchase, a complete waste of money.


Pure Crap

Couldn't get this to come out right no matter what I did. I followed the directions to a T and I always got a bubble in between the screen and the protector. And to top it off, there were only 2 protectors in the package, one was missing.


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