Glam Ombre Case for iPhone 5/5S

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iPhone 5S Glam Ombre Cases 5 out of 5 based on 7 user reviews.

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  • Black Diamond
  • Karat

Product Description

  • Glitter coated inlay case with smooth finish
  • Sophisticated interlocking case design adds higher level of protection for your iPhone 5/5S
  • Interior finished liner provides subtle cushion & elegant feel
  • Compatible with iPhone 5 and iPhone 5S

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Case-Mate iPhone 5S Glam Ombre  Cases

Drawing inspiration from the hottest fashion, hair and nail color trends, the Glam Ombre case showcases a dynamic color gradient with a truly dazzling finish, creating a one of a kind case for your iPhone 5/5S.

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Case-mate is the only phone case to buy

This is my third case-mate phone cover. I have been buying them ever since I have had an iPhone. They are extremely durable and protective, but still look great looking. It's really the perfect combination. I always recommend this brand to people. Thanks again for making a great product!

-K Mam

Happy girlfriend

I bought this case for my girlfriend as a Christmas gift. She said it is the best fit any case has ever had on her iPhone. She loves that the back is smooth and not a rocky texture like it may appear in the picture. All the buttons are very easy to push and never get stuck. It provides great protection and looks awesome. Very happy with the purchase.


not for the long haul

Purchased this case in the fall. After 2 months I noticed corner was cracked. then side had a crack in it. Not sure why as I put it on, left it on and never dropped the phone. perhaps it is just the quality/type of plastic. Surely someone can make a sleek awesome case. Its been years since the iphone has come out!


High Style at a Great Price!

I'm very happy with this case. It protects my phone while not adding bulk or weight, and mimics the color scheme of my gold iPhone 5s. I've ordered iPhone cases from Case-Mate before so I know they are of high quality and durability. This case is great value for the price -- I highly recommend it.

-Julie B


Love this case. It is so elegant and recommend it if you want a classy case that you can use for the life of your phone. Absolutely LOVE it.

-Charlotte Wolfe

Surprisingly Awesome...

I have this case in plain silver (same case, different color). My mom gave it to me because she didn't want it, and I ended up keeping it, on the basis being too lazy to get a new one. Probably one of the best decisions I've made this year. This case has gotten my iPhone through 1 hella crazy college semester. It has been through more in the past 5 months than most phones go through in 2 years. It is incredibly durable. I drop it at least once a day, often from 4+ feet onto hard surfaces. To illustrate the crap this phone goes through, I once even dropped it out of the back of a pickup truck going 40+ mph. Not only is it durable, it is lucky. Now, I don't know if mine's a special case or what, but I've lost it 5+ times at parties, and even once in the middle of Memphis, and it has never failed to find its way back to me within 24 hours. It is also stylish. People compliment this case often, and want to touch it to see what the glitter feels like. This is kind've entertaining. In addition, it is light and thin, yet also feels snug and solidly built. These past months the case has taken a beating for sure...there are plenty of scuffs from dropping it so much. But that's what cases are for, right? So the scuffs aren't on the iPhone itself. The only drawbacks I would have are that dirt and dust get into the case pretty easily...I've had to take it off multiple times and clean the buildup from the creases of the case like cleaning lint out of my belly button. But aesthetically this residue is hidden, and probably doesn't actually affect the phone. As well, the top power button is a bit difficult to press, but you definitely get used to it. All in all, I would highly recommend this, or any similarly designed, casemate case. In fact, I am about to go buy a new one right now!


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