Sleek Case for iPhone 5/5S

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iPhone 5 Sleek Cases 3 out of 5 based on 8 user reviews.

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Product Description

  • Brushed aluminum effect for sharp style
  • Slim two-piece design comes together to create a sleek profile
  • Interior patterned inlay adds greater?protection & finished feel throughout
  • Compatible with iPhone 5 and iPhone 5S

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Case-Mate iPhone 5 Sleek Cases

Sophistication is in the details. The Sleek iPhone 5/5S case impresses with a blend of sleek, sporty look and top-notch protection. The brushed aluminum effect evokes a modern and natural sophistication. The inlay flawlessly fits together with the hard shell, which surrounds the edges of your iPhone. This two-piece, slim design includes a raised bezel and a patterned silicone liner that provide extra protection.     

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Very Disappointed

I purchased this before the price decreased -- and I'm severely disappointed. The 'brushed aluminum' look is just a pattern stamped in the plastic, which is not sturdy and easily scratches. The case increases the phone's thickness by 1/3, making it awkward to handle. If return shipping were free, Case Mate would have it back, but for now, it sits in the back of a drawer, and my iPhone remains caseless.


Ok if you're not going to use a charging dock.

The case is very sleek and nice looking. Not as slim as I wanted it and it wont allow me to fit my iPhone 5S into my charging dock. It also wont allow me to stick my lightning/30pin adapter with this case. Aesthetically pleasing but not functional.


scratches the chrome outlining of iphone 5

I bought this case because I thought it looked very classy and that it would protect the already very fragile iphone 5 from impacts and scratches. Little did I know that the piece of this case which is meant to protect the sides and front of the iphone 5 has a flimsy yet hard feel to it, and it ended up scratching the outer chrome edges of my white iphone 5 completely. This case should have rubber in all its pieces and not only on the part that protects the back of the phone, and it resulted in scratches on my phone. I ended up buying another case from another brand to avoid getting my iphone 5 even more scratched up. Thumbs down to this case.

-Nivalmir Doria

New iPhone 5 case fall short

The new case for the iPhone 5 has not been engineered for the new phone. The new phone is a little longer and is quite a bit thinner. The new case is longer, of course, but is the same dimension as the iPhone 4 case. They have included a neopreme liner to ensure a snug fit. I expected more for my $40. I say pass on this one.

-D Rowley

Great Case but needs a hip carrier...

I do like the case as it has a nice feel to the phone. Unfortunately I'm not using it at the moment because it keeps slipping our of the old hip carrier. I hope Case Mate starts making a hip carrier that I can use with this case.


The best case I have found yet.

I have looked, boughten and returned 4 different cases, looking for one for my iPhone 5 that is slim, easy to use, fits in my Elevation Lab dock and looks great. So far, this one is the best. One piece cases tend to upset the balance of the device, making it thick on the bottom, with no off setting balance on top. They also can be difficult to remove from the phone. So far this is my go to case, and will likely be that way for a long time.


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