Tough Custom Case for iPad Mini/iPad Mini 2

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Tough Custom Case - Create Your Own Case for iPad Mini 4 out of 5 based on 4 user reviews.

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Product Description IMMC022941-DIY

Case-Mate Custom Tough Custom Case - Create Your Own Case for iPad Mini

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iPad mini case

It looks wonderful. The picture quality looks beautiful on the case. The main problem I had is that the case doesn't quite fit on the iPad mini. I had to force it on, and once I got it on it still pops off in some places. It is beautiful though, I just wish it fit perfectly.


Created by me!

I wanted to give my husband a custom case for his iPad mini for his birthday. I was able to add an image and select the size and color in a matter of minutes. The case came in about 5 days and it was beautiful. I had created an iPhone case for myself a few months back and will continue to use Case Mate for all of my future needs

-Barbara Good

Ipad Mini Case-personalized

I would give it more of 3.5 stars, more like a "Good" the idea itself is very cool, but for the quality of the case and the picture printed or transfered to the case without perfect quality it seems to be extremely OVER PRICED.


Amazing case and great quality

I ordered 30 of these at one time and they all came within the week. The image quality is really good and it matched what I made online exactly. I plan to order more for my company soon.


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