Tortoiseshell Case for iPhone 4 / 4S

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iPhone 4 Tortoiseshell Case Modern vintage comes to life on the Tortoiseshell iPhone 4S / iPhone 4 case. Featuring a hand-painted tortoise pattern and subtle vintage detailing, the iPhone case guarantees to capture attention. 4 out of 5 based on 30 user reviews.

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  • Brown (Luxe)

Product Description

  • Hand painted tortoiseshell pattern with ultra-slim silhouette
  • Form fit feature covers back and corners
  • Impact resistant, flexible hard shell
  • Access to all ports and functions

Also available for iPhone 5


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Case-Mate iPhone 4 Tortoiseshell Case
Take a modern, vintage twist with the Tortoiseshell. Inspired by sleek 60's styling, the iPhone 4S / iPhone 4 case guarantees to capture attention.

A hand painted tortoise pattern adorns the Tortoiseshell case for a look that combines subtle vintage elements with a classic design. The slim silhouette shows off the timeless design of the iPhone, while the hard shell case covers the back and corners. A gold logo complements the translucent brown undertones culminating in a sophisticated presentation.

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Grossly overpriced for the quality

I was very disappointed in this case, because I love tortoise-shell. There is no liner for impact protection. It is just a thin snap-on piece of brittle plastic that in no way is worth what they're asking for it. I tried to upload a picture showing the letters on my computer keyboard clearly visible through it. Complete rip-off. Don't be fooled by the high-value photo-- move on along, nothing to see here.


Love this case, it's perfect!

I won this case, and it's been my favourite one by far. I love it, looks perfect on a white phone or black phone, and I can't wait to get another one for my new iPhone.


poor quality

this case broke the same day i got it. it was not durable at all and a huge waste of money considering how much i paid for it.

-leslie nagle

Audrey Hepburn had an iPhone case like this

Very well-fitting and durable. Not to mention beautiful.

-Caroline Ingles

LOVE this Case

I LOVE this case, so much when I upgraded my phone I purchased the same case in the new size. It is truly the best case I have ever owned and has outlived my Kate Spade cases by 2 years. I could not be happier with this product.


Do not waste your money on this.

If I could request a full refund I would. In fact, I did and they refused to do anything for me. First off, when I ordered this phone case months ago, the only picture available online was of the back of the case. Because I heard casemate was so reliable, I ordered it in confidence it would protect my phone. When the case arrived, it was nothing but a thin, cheap piece of plastic that didn't even wrap around the front of the phone. Why would anyone buy a case to protect their phone if it doesn't protect the screen??! That's the most important part of the case's job! I couldn't believe I wasted $50.00 on this! Not only did it not protect the screen, but while wrapped in the case, the back of my phone shattered the first time I dropped it. Not cracked.. literally shattered into giant pieces of glass. I would not recommend this phone unless you enjoy spending mass amounts of money on new iphones non stop


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