Pop! Case with Stand for iPad 2, 3 & 4

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The new iPad Pop! Case with Stand Combining a hard case with a soft rubber touch, the Pop! for the new iPad stand provides a seamless co-molded case with a protective built-in stand. 4 out of 5 based on 11 user reviews.

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Product Description

  • Co-molding of hard shell and soft rubber for a seamless protective case and stand
  • Protective lay flat design keeps your screen from hitting surfaces when device is placed on its face
  • Available in white / cool grey and black / cool grey
  • Access to all ports and functions
  • Compatible with the 4th Generation iPad (with retina display)
Case-Mate The new iPad Pop! Case with Stand
Kick it up a notch with the Pop!. The new iPad case with built-in stand mixes a co-molded, protective design with a contemporary, eye-catching look.

Combining a tough, hard shell and soft rubber sides, the case surrounds the sides and back of the new iPad. A built-in stand extends for an ideal viewing screen or remains hidden for a flat back cover. The rubber sides make for an easy grip, while the innovative lay flat design keeps the new iPad screen lifted away from surfaces. Decked out in two-toned color combinations, the lightweight case is a breeze to use and carry.

Will this case fit the new iPad?

This case is designed to fit the 3rd Generation iPad (March 2012 release)

What is this case made of?

The Pop! case with stand is co-molded with a tough polycarbonate hard shell and soft rubber sides for an easy grip. Inside, is a soft rubber material that closely secures and cushions the iPad.

Is the case compatible with the Smart Cover?

No, the case is not compatible with the Smart Cover.

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great case

I love the case and will be buy another today. I would be lost if mine broke

-susan taubitz

Great Case

I love this case and I think it is great for the price. I only wish that it had a cover that laid over the screen, but nevertheless I think it is great.

-Spurgeon A. Glenn III

Poorly made, flimsy hinges!

Loved this case for the first week when I received it. It worked well vertically and horizontally, however the plastic stand that pops out from the back is incredibly fragile; It fell over several times on its own and eventually snapped the stand from the rest of the case at the hinge. To my surprise, the hinges were held together by these 4 tiny pieces of plastic, no wonder after falling back several times on its own when put on the stand onto the table, the hinges finally gave out. For $50, I would think the hinge would have a pin to hold it in place. VERY disappointed!!!


In a class by itself

The Pop! appealed to me because it WASN'T yet another folio. I do a fair amount of hand-held reading and video watching (that is, no table to place my device on) and HATED how the folio case of my previous iPad felt when I held it for longer than a few minutes. The Pop! is fantastic for this (It feels great in the hand). For the times when I could place my iPad on a double, I wanted a stand that (while not a folio) allowed me to do so in portrait mode (the Pop! is only one I've seen thus far that meets my two criteria). It's also a very handsome, 'techie' design that's masculine and youthful. (Not ALL of my hairs have gone gray yet!) It protects the iPad 3 quite well from bumps, too, though I'd try not to drop it on a hard floor. On the downside, it adds significant weight. It may not measure much on a scale, but everyone who holds my iPad mentions it feels 'heavy' vs. a naked device. Most ironically, the stand for the device is a difficult to pop out. Finally, the landscape stand angle -- about 45 degrees -- makes typing too awkward to be suitable. It has flaws, but it's EASILY the best non-folio stand case I've come across. I've had mine (white/grey) for just under 4 months and would recommend it.

-N. Ghoshal

Best ipad case I've found

I never write reviews, but this ipad case is simply awesome. I tried out several before I found this one. The stand works great either vertically or horizontally. Horizontally it could be at a higher angle for better viewing, but it's better than nothing and can just be propped up on a book or anything else. Vertically it can be a little unstable (my kid has bumped into it and knocked it over this way a time or two), but for the benefit of having a stand that goes both ways (few do, I've found), it's worth it. The rubber/plastic grips on each side are lovely and prevent the ipad from slipping out of your hands or off whatever surface you have it laying on. The rubber around the edge of the ipad keeps it securely in place and doesn't leave a weird gap or lip like some other cases I tried. The stand is a little difficult to snap back into place sometimes, but I just have to remember to do one corner before the other and then it's fine. The white color looks great and can be wiped down easily. Seriously a great cover.



This case is exactly what I was looking for. Doesn't add a lot of bulk to my iPad--still fits in my padded fabric zip case. And I LOVE the stand. When you don't need it, it "disappears" by folding flat and clicking in place. This case also makes the iPad easier to hold with its rubberized grips. HIGHLY RECOMMEND.

-JoAnn G

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