Textured Tuxedo Case for iPad 2, 3 & 4

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The new iPad Textured Tuxedo Case Stick with the Tuxedo new iPad case. Attach the new iPad to the cover with the built-in and reusable adhesive. The thin iPad cover also doubles as an iPad stand. 4 out of 5 based on 9 user reviews.

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Product Description

  • Ultra-slim case for the new iPad with smart magnet technology
  • Adhesive securely holds your new iPad in place
  • Crafted from a soft-touch, textured material and a brushed microfiber interior
  • Available in textured black, grey, pink, turquoise and orange
  • Compatible with the 4th Generation iPad (with retina display)
Case-Mate The new iPad Textured Tuxedo Case
Stick with distinction. The Tuxedo cover for the new iPad combines standout colors and an innovative adhesive component for a textured case that makes a lasting impression.

The ultra-slim, portfolio style case makes for an effortless, on-the-go look. Crafted from an Italian, soft-touch textured material, the striking colors and distinct folds prove style can also be functional. Inside is a highly durable, brushed microfiber lining that protects and cleans the iPad screen.

The Tuxedo’s sophisticated design includes smart magnets that put the new iPad to sleep while not in use and awakens the device upon opening. Doubling as a stand with multiple viewing angles, the case easily flips and bends with its multiple foldable segments. Attach your iPad to the Tuxedo case with the built-in and reusable adhesive, a double-sided tape that doesn’t leave any residue.

Will this case fit the new iPad?

This case is designed to fit the 3rd Generation iPad (March 2012 release)

What is this case made of? Is it leather?

The Tuxedo case is made of an Italian, high quality, leather-like material. It's a soft-touch material with texture. Inside, the case is lined with a soft microfiber lining to protect the iPad screen.

How does my iPad stay attached in the case?

The Tuxedo case uses an tape, an innovative, double-sided adhesive that doesn’t leave any residue, to hold the iPad securely in place.

Will the adhesive lose its adhesive ability?

The adhesive can be reactivated with tape or water. Using tape, gently use the adhesive to remove dust and debris from the adhesive to refresh stickiness. For water, gently wipe the adhesive area with a wet tissue and let the surface air dry to refresh stickiness.

Will the adhesive leave any residue on my iPad?

The adhesive is designed to be reusable and removable.

What do the Smart Magnets do?

The Smart Magnets are attached to the Tuxedo case. They secure the case, and instantly put the iPad to sleep while the case is shut.

Is the Tuxedo compatible with the Smart Cover?

No, the Tuxedo is not compatible with the Smart Cover.

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Tuxedo case

This case is very nice. When I first got it the packaging was a little bit weird, but once I got out of the box and into my hands the material felt very good. I like the quality, functionality and the useful rolling cover. Once the case is on, iPad looks like it is floating when it's standing up. it is very minimalist in design and I get a lot of compliments. Putting the iPad on is a bit tricky. You have to make sure that you do it perfectly so the camera hole can lineup so that the smart cover-esk front line up. Once you're satisfied, the case stays on and the iPad is secure. If you want a thin and not so bulky solution, this case is for you.


Does the job

I like this case, it is exactly what I expected when I purchased. It took a few tries to get the adhesive and the iPad together in the exact right position, but once I got it, it stayed in place. I like that it is very thin, but if you're looking for complete coverage this case is not for you.


I ordered a Dodocase before this case had arrived. . . The dodocase is still in its packaging!

First, I ABSOLUTELY LOVE THIS CASE! I was skeptical about this case , and especially the orange color, when I placed the order, but I thought I'd try it. . . I have been on an interminable mission for the *right* iPad case! But, once I put my iPad in this case, I knew my search was finally over! The color: AWESOME the fit: AWESOME the feel: AWESOME the function: AWESOME I've been using this case for about a month and a half now, and the love affair continues. . . By the way, I did finally take the dodocase out to try it--yes, I kept it, too--but I had only tried it out for about 6 hours before my Casemate Tuxedo was back on. . . The "magic glue" works as advertised, over and over! And, the dodocase will have its turn, eventually. . .

-Terry Koontz

Great cover

This is a great cover for the iPad, thin and light weight.

-Sterling W.

Potentially the best case for the iPad ever

Great case, innovate magic tape - the problem is, it occasionally puts the iPad to sleep when opened! FAIL!


Stylish, minimalist case with good functionality

I wanted a case that'd work as a stand and had the magnetic on/off feature. I originally bought the Smart Cover from Apple, but it kept coming off! So, after scouring the internet for the perfect case, I ordered this case in orange. It arrived today (4 days after I ordered it). The case came in the regular clear plastic box Case-Mate uses for their other iPad cases. There was no labeling or anything holding the case in place. I thought that was a bit odd, but I saw the case and perked up. The orange color is lighter than pictured, but it still looks great. The on-off feature works well, and the material feels pretty good. The Magic Tape holds well (so far). My only concern is, the cover feels like broken-in leather, soft but stretchy and a bit... loose? I'm not sure how to describe it. Anyways, I hope it lasts. I think it will. All the Case-Mate cases for my other devices have lasted forever.


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