Sleek Case for Samsung Galaxy S3

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Samsung Galaxy S3 Sleek Cases The Sleek Samsung Galaxy S 3 case features a genuine brushed aluminum inlay that adds an elegant sportiness. A hard shell surrounds the perimeter of case, showing off more of your Samsung. 4 out of 5 based on 9 user reviews.

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Product Description

  • Genuine brushed aluminum inlay that shows off more of your Samsung Galaxy S 3
  • Form fit feature covers back and corners
  • Available in black and silver
  • Access to all ports and functions

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Case-Mate Samsung Galaxy S3 Sleek Cases

Meticulously designed and crafted, the Sleek case sets a new standard for the Samsung Galaxy S III. Reflecting a high attention-to-detail, the brushed aluminum effect makes a solid statement. 

Sleek metallic styling adds an elegant sportiness to the Samsung Galaxy S III. A smooth hard shell surrounds the perimeter of the case, showing off more of your device. The result is a case with sleek lines that redefines the concept of sophisticated minimalism.


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Its awesome! If I had to say the bad part about it, the case has open areas in the top and the bottom that make the phone vulnerable to being damaged if impacted on those sides.


I like it

Hello from Romania! It is very beautifull with my pebble blue s3, i like it alot and it has 1 year of warranty, i recommend it.


Awesome case!

Been looking for this case everywhere and couldn't find it. Finally decided to check on the website of the people who make it and found an awesome deal on Black Friday! Couldn't be happier with the product. Only downside was that I had to wait so long to receive it!


I was very happy with this case...until...

I looked at numerous cases for my S3, and until recently, I couldn't be happier with this one. It fit impeccably well, the dark silver brushed aluminum finish looks classy with the Pebble Blue S3, and I got quite a few "what kind of case is that?" comments from fellow S3 owners. Unfortunately, just a few days ago, I noticed a small stress fracture beginning on the upper left corner. It has already started to propogate toward the back of the case, and the finish is beginning to flake off revealing the bright white plastic underneath. I've had the phone for just a little over five weeks, and the case for about a week less than that. I am a very conscientious owner and totally baby all of my electronics. I'm not sure if I just received an imperceptibly damaged model, or if this is an issue with all the "Barely There" cases, but either way, I'm already hunting for a replacement as it's clear to me that this one is not going to last. This first time customer is thoroughly disappointed. Sorry Case-Mate...not sure if I'll be back.


Hefty Touch of Class

This case is thin and in black sustains a piano lacquer finish which results in a superbly professional appearance. Incredibly thin, enjoyably so. Slips in and out of pockets with the greatest of ease. Does add a touch of grip but it's minimal yet helpful.


Great looking case.

This case looks classy with brushed aluminum insert to set it apart from other cases. It costs a little more, but I think it's worth it. It probably won't offer protection from drops, but this case isn't made for that. You need silicon case or Otterbox for that. Works well with properly applied Zagg HD screen protector.


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