Tough Cases - Cool Colors for iPhone 4/4S

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iPhone 4S Tough Cases - Cool Colors The Tough iPhone 4 / 4S cases use the strong protective power of dual layers to absorb impact and protect your iPhone 4 / 4S in any situation. 5 out of 5 based on 37 user reviews.

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Add Screen Protection

iPhone 4 / 4S 4-Way Privacy Screen Protector
4-Way Privacy Screen Protector
for iPhone 4/4S
iPhone 4 / 4S Screen Protectors (3-Pack)
Clear View Screen Protector (3-pack)
for iPhone 4/4S

Product Description

  • Dual layers of silicone and polycarbonate hard shell combine for secure protection
  • Form fit feature covers back and corners
  • Impact resistant, flexible plastic shell
  • Access to all ports and functions

Also available for iPhone 5

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Case-Mate iPhone 4S Tough Cases - Cool Colors
You know the feeling. The heartbreak that immediately sets in as your phone smashes to the ground. Flashes of panic, pools of sweat and buckets of tears overwhelm your body. Protect yourself from future stress with the Tough iPhone 4 / 4S case, providing dual layers of protection.

Built to withstand sudden drops and accidental falls, the Tough case is the epitome of protection. A snug, form fitting silicone wrap provides shock resistance, while the polycarbonate hard shell protects against impact. The lightweight, slim case adds support and shields your phone, keeping your emotional state intact, one drop at a time.

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good case

tough, protective case.


Great iPhone case!!

Love the iPhone case-mate Tough case. Slim design and drop proof! Easy to put together. Comes in great colors. Fits in your back pocket and easy to find in your purse because of the colored rubber lining! The only case I will ever purchase for my phone.


Good Product, Could use some improvemts

Like the majority of the populous I am on my cell phone frequently every day. At work depending on what I am tasked with that day, I may pull my phone out of my jean pocket anywhere from 10 to 20 times and even more so outside of work. Constantly being active and in motion requires me and most other people to be constantly storing our phones in our pockets and taking them out again at a moments notice. What drew me to this particular design was the combination of a soft and hard plastic/rubber design along with being slender enough for me to not notice a huge bulge in my pocket. I've seen many friends with generic and cheap hard plastic cases drop from chest height receive great damage. Although those cases protected their i Phones from some scratches and the slim design conveniently slipped into their pockets I did not want to take that risk. On the other hand life proof and other heavy duty cases were just too big for what I wanted to be carrying around in my jeans pocket all day. This seemed like the perfect medium. Seeing as how this has not only a thin plastic case but a thin rubber in layer that also slides around the phone helping to protect it from those chest high drops. Never once have I gotten more than some slight scratches on the corner of my phone, and I might have dropped my phone more than a dozen times onto hard concrete floors. The soft rubber also protrudes enough from the front of the i Phone should it be dropped on its face it will still be protected unlike many of the plastic only cases I have seen. The drawback I have with this product is after extensively sliding my phone in and out of my pocket the rubber layer at the bottom right of the case has finally pulled apart. Furthermore a part of the thin hard plastic that surrounds the speaker controls and the lock button has also broken off from the case. By no means does this cause any serious issues although in those particular areas if the phone were to drop exactly in that spot some minor-mid level damage may still occur. Overall a very good case that meets my needs, I only wish they would strengthen the rubber inlets bottom piece underneath the home button.



The first case I ever got for my iPhone 4S was a Case-Mate Tough case. Super cute design and I LOVE the fact it has the silicon wrap as well as the hard shell. I ordered a DIY case and was planning on ordering a second, but then I saw the DIY option had been discontinued. THE WORST DECISION EVER, CASE MATE! Bring back the DIY, and I PROMISE you'll get a TON of business from me!!!



I swear by this case...I have had my iPhone for almost 3 years now, and over 2.5 of those years, I have had this case on it. There is not a single crack, scratch or chip on my phone, and being a college student, I bring my phone everywhere and coincidentally drop it every where...on brick, concrete, tile, everything. I cannot say enough amazing things about this case. I've only had to replace it once in 2.5 years and just because a corner of the hard part of the case chipped and I will probably replace it with in the next 6 months. But still....3 cases in over 3 years and not a scratch? Can't beat that


Great case

I like the case. Durable, classic and trim.

-Rob Mathai

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