Sleek Case for iPhone 4 / 4S

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iPhone 4 / 4S Sleek Cases The Sleek iPhone 4 / 4S case features a genuine brushed aluminum inlay that adds an elegant sportiness. A gunmetal hard shell surrounds the perimeter of case, showing off more of your iPhone 4 out of 5 based on 54 user reviews.

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Product Description

  • Genuine brushed aluminum inlay that shows off more of your iPhone
  • Form fit feature covers back and corners
  • Access to all ports and functions
  • Available in silver, black, platinum, pink, gold, and red
Fits all iPhone 4 / iPhone 4S devices (AT&T, Verizon, Sprint and International)

PLEASE NOTE: Camera hole size shown may vary due to recent change in device form factor.

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The meticulously designed and crafted Sleek iPhone 4 / 4S case sets a new standard. Reflecting a high attention-to-detail, the genuine brushed aluminum case makes a solid statement.

Featuring aircraft grade aluminum with a brushed finish, the brushed aluminum inlay adds an elegant sportiness. A gunmetal hard shell surrounds the perimeter of the case, showing off more of your iPhone. Together, the materials create an unmatched level of design. The result is a case with sleek lines that redefines the concept of sophisticated minimalism.

What is the case made of?

The Brushed Aluminum case is made of a genuine aluminum inlay and a gunmetal hard shell plastic.

What are the dimensions of the case?

4.62 x 2.39 x 0.45 in (117.2 x 60.6 x 11.3 mm)

Does the Brushed Aluminum case fit the Verizon iPhone?

The Brushed Aluminum case fits the Verizon, AT&T and International iPhone 4.

Does this case fit the iPhone 4S?

Yes, this case fits all the iPhone 4 and iPhone 4S (AT&T, Verizon, Sprint and International).

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Cracked right away

I would like this case replaced, and will follow up with customer service. I have had it for a week and it has cracked in the same place my other case did. I like the sleek design, and the first one served me well for a long time, but not this one. Hassel to order, wait and then have it break.

-Susan Robertson

Great case, great price

The case is almost invisible but very protective.


disappointing quality for the price i paid

yeah read the cons. only had it like 2 months and every corner has cracks or is falling apart


for looks not durability

Looks great, but unfortunately cracks easily. Dropped 3 times (which is the point of the case right?) and the corners cracked initially and on 3rd drop the corners broke off entirely. Won't be buying again unfortunately.

-Anh Tran

Looks Good, Doesn't Work Well

I bought it and then dropped my iPhone. My iPhone was not damaged, but a piece of my case fell off. Eventually so much of the case had broken off, I had to get a new case.

-Chris Clark

Broken case

Love the product. Just wish it wasn't so fragile. I dropped the first one on my kitchen floor, called and asked about a warranty. After a phone of the broken case was sent, they sent me another one just like it. One week later--same problem. It's like it's made of glass and just shatters. BOOOOO


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