Pop! Case for iPhone 4 / 4S

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iPhone 4 / 4S Pop! Case Combining a hard case with a soft rubber touch, the Pop! iPhone 4 / 4S case provides a seamless co-molded look with a protective hard cover. 4 out of 5 based on 106 user reviews.

Select Color - Black/Cool Grey


  • Black/Cool Grey
  • Iris Purple/Flame Red
  • Blue/Cool Grey

Product Description

  • Co-molding of lightweight plastic and soft rubber for a seamless protective case
  • Form fit feature covers back and corners
  • Protective lay flat design keeps your screen from hitting surfaces when device is placed on its face
  • Impact resistant, flexible plastic shell
  • Access to all ports and functions
Fits all iPhone 4 / iPhone 4S devices (AT&T, Verizon, Sprint and International)

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Case-Mate iPhone 4 / 4S Pop! Case
Dynamic duos take notice, there's a new twosome in town. A support system like no other, the Pop! iPhone 4 / 4S case brings a new standard to the power of two.

Co-molded materials of plastic and soft rubber unite to create a hard case with a soft touch. The lightweight plastic body of the Pop! protects from unforeseeable impacts, while keeping your screen lifted away from surfaces. The Pop! features contemporary color pairings to create a modern look for your iPhone. Rubber sides make for an easy grip. Inside, the soft material hugs your iPhone 4 /4S like a glove. Not even Batman and Robin are that tight.

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Beautiful Casing

The casing was beautiful and delivered promptly.

-Lorraine Nelson

Case-Mate for iphone 4s

These cases are excellent! I will only use case-mate phone covers, I have tried other brands and will never go back to them!


Nice Protective Case for my iPhone 4S

Some far the case is working great. "Fit and finish" is good and it doesn't require any extra room so that I am to put the phone is a carrying case on my belt.


Pop! iPhone 4S case

the inside rubber of my 1st was worn out, so time to have a 2nd Pop! case.


Good case if you're easy on it

But if you're rough or have a toddler, it is just not for you. Even before my son was able to handle it, the thin hard plastic strip by the docking port broke. It has been falling off in chunks for the past year and the rubber is broken in the same spot. It's a good case insomuch that I've dropped it and it's been protected, but it just doesn't handle heavy use like the beefed up versions.

-Megan S

Terrible Experience Using the Case Mate Case

I purchased my first Case Mate and had to have it replaced within months. The rubber stretched out by the charging port and on the side where the volume switch was. I had one free replacement and within a month it started to stretch in the same place. Very frustrating as the case wasn't cheap. I ended up throwing them both away within a year.

- Mindy Nielsen

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