Tough Xtreme for iPad 2, 3 & 4

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iPad 3/4 Tough Xtreme Cases The Tough Xtreme is the thinnest, military-grade iPad case, which features a tri-ply design and built-in screen protector. 4 out of 5 based on 4 user reviews.

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  • Lipstick Pink/Flame Red

Product Description

  • US Mil-Spec Approved: meets or exceeds US military testing
  • 3 layers of Xtreme protection:
    • Built-in screen protector
    • Impact-resistant PolyCore hard outer shell
    • Shock-absorbing DuoFlex interior liner
  • Protects against: shock/drop, wind/rain, sand/dust, and vibration
  • Textured exterior for enhanced grip Slim profile adds style, not bulk
  • Compatible with the 2nd, 3rd & 4th Generation iPad

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Case-Mate iPad 3/4 Tough Xtreme Cases
Military-grade tough comes standard with the Tough Xtreme case for the iPad. It’s our highest level of protection in the thinnest possible construction, creating sleek, non-bulky style. This extremely durable design is formed from three layers of toughness. A soft exterior wrapped around a hard skeletal structure is fused with an impact-absorbing interior. The built-in screen protector prevents screen scratches and cracking, making it ready for your everyday adventures  

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Love this case

My daughters have already dropped my ipad on several occassions and tried scratching the screen with keys and such and the case has kept it in perfect shape. I'm very happy with this case.

-LeeAnne Tindall

Great product for great protection

I'm pretty good about not dropping or roughly using my electronics. Shocking for a girl. But I had a similar case like this on my previous Blackberry and it protected it so well from the occasional drop that I thought better to be safe than sorry. It's been a couple of weeks now and my only complaint is that I'm having a little bit of trouble accessing my power button on the top properly. Other than that though I don't regret my purchase at all and will be getting one for a friend for her birthday.


Could Have Been Better... A Little Disappointed

First of all, I was very excited to see this case come out because of how sturdy both my iPhone 4 & 5 cases are. When advertised, I did not hesitate… I ordered immediately. When receiving the case I was very happy there were no changes from the phone to the pad version (except the stand). After installation, I was also very happy on how protective the case is… once again, very similar to the phone cases. Then I really started to look at every aspect and found several problems. Problem 1: Case does not fit snug on the volume button & mute button side. When pressing the buttons, the case gives a lot and is loose from corner to corner. Problem 2: The stand will only work if the pad is horizontal. Vertically the stand wants to collapse. I found that strange due to seeing the advertised pictures. Problem 3: Inside back part… there is not much cushion. Similar to the iPhone 4/4S versions of the case. The only protection I see is TPU CM Logo. On the iPhone 5 case the whole are is covered with protection. I truly hope Case-Mate improves this case. IMO, this is the best case on the market at this time for any of the (i) devices. It provides superior protection while keeping the device aesthetically pleasing. Unlike the competitors who bulked up there cases for no reason. Maybe, just maybe, I will here from Case-Mate when this case is redesigned or who knows, maybe they’ll contact me to send me a new one so I can send this back. Oh well… we’ll see.


Excited... then disappointed.

First of all, I am extremely happy with the iPhone 4 & 5 case... not so much for the iPad! Case seems like it may have been rushed! Although it provides just as good of protection as it's iPhone counterparts, it is lacking. Here's how... The back plate interior could of had more protection other than the cm logo. Speaking of the back plate, when fully installed it is loose on the vibrate switch/volume side. That being said, when pressing the volume buttons you have to press really hard. Seems like minor flaws that can be easily corrected & I hope CM does. Overall: Very happy with the case even with the flaws. (Maybe Case-Mate will send me a new one after redesign)!


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