Barely There Custom Case for iPad 2, 3 & 4

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Barely There Custom Case - Create Your Own Case for iPad with Retina Display 4 out of 5 based on 3 user reviews.

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Product Description IMMC021716-DIY

Case-Mate Custom Barely There Custom Case - Create Your Own Case for iPad with Retina Display

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it was bad, then it was fixed.

I ordered a custom case for my sister's ipad. the case that I received was good, except the pictures printed on the case was all corrupted, meaning the pictures were not in its places; faces and heads were cut off and a person was missing from the picture. I was quite disappointed bc it was a xmas gift, and it was printed poorly. I contacted the site and addressed my concerns bc the site did state that they will NOT refund or exchange any custom cases! I was worried that I was going to be ripped off just like that for a $60 case! BUT luckily they took care of the situation in a quick and professional manner, and reprinted another case for me correctly, and resend it out to me with no questions asked. Of course there was communications and emails back and forth to set it right, but they took care of it right away, so that's a plus to their company! Yes, I would use them again. the only thing I would suggest the company do, is be more careful while printing pictures onto the cases. I mean, it's common sense to see that if the faces aren't inside the templates, then there's something wrong and maybe contact the customer before it gets printed and shipped out.


Love my iPad case

The case is beautiful and the logo looks great. Thank you for working to make it perfect.


Customer Service is THE BEST!!!

I uploaded images to make a DIY case for my new iPad. When the case arrived, I couldn't get it to snap onto the iPad for fear of breaking the case, the iPad or both. I emailed Customer Service and asked if there were any tips they could provide on how I could accomplish this safely. They decided it was a warranty issue, and believed the case was warped. They did NOT make me return the case to them. They offerred to make another case for me. I told them I wasn't satisfied with MY design choices for the case, and wanted to re-design it, if I could be assured the new one would fit. I expected to have to pay for a new one. After all, the fact that the surface design turned out badly was MY fault, not theirs. When I explained my dilemma, they sent me info about how to upload a new design and said I would not have to pay for a second case. After they manufactured the second case, they tested it in the factory to make sure it would fit. When I received the new case, it did, indeed fit my iPad. I expect a company to stand behind THEIR design mistakes. I did NOT expect them to stand behind MINE. I am extremely impressed and grateful for the way this issue was handled.

-Randi E. Goodman