Hula Bumper Case for iPhone 5C

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iPhone 5C Hula Cases 3 out of 5 based on 5 user reviews.

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Product Description

  • Slim profile bumper with 4-corner protection
  • Lay-flat bezel protects the front and back of your iPhone 5C from directly contacting surfaces
  • Includes front and back screen protectors

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Case-Mate iPhone 5C Hula Cases

The Hula Case for iPhone 5C is a shining example of minimalist protection. This slim profile bumper features an integrated front and back screen protector.

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iPhone 5c Hula Case

Good product, but not very rugid. I spend a lot of time working on construction sites. I broke the corner off the case while searching for the phone in a tight corner of my coveralls.


poor construction

We bought this for my daughter for Christmas at her request. The 2nd day she had it on her phone, the rubber started peeling off of the plastic. After contacting casemate and sending a picture, they replaced it right away. My daughter called from college yesterday and said it just happened again with the new one! AHHHH

-Holly Smith

It broke on the second day.

It's a nice, stylish, pretty little case - too bad the white rubber broke the second day. Had to superglue it back down onto the case. Was really disappointed.


Best case for the iPhone 5C!

I love the 5C because it is so colorful, and I was looking for a case that allowed that color to be exposed. I've tried / seen other cases and the clearness ends up yellowing rather quickly. So far the this case hasn't done that. I opted to use an Invisible Shield on the front and back of my phone instead of the provided screen protectors, but I love the bumper. It fits snugly, is easy to grip, and looks cool! And it doesn't bulk up my phone like other cases.


Really Great for What it's Intended

I ordered this bumper because I wanted to protect my iPhone 5C's display. I am a fairly clumsy person, and I drop phones a LOT. That being said I don't normally do much damage (hopefully that trend continues). But I work at Apple and have seen far too many 5C's coming in for cracked displays for my comfort. I love this bumper, it does what it is supposed to and protects the phone. Everyone that sees it loves the way that it looks and I agree. Looks amazing with the 5C, at least the black bumper does. I would not get either of the other available colors from a style standpoint but that is personal preference. I love the way the edge of the color of the phone is visible around the front, even with the bumper on, just like the cases Apple designed. Great product. Also got a free screen protector and screen -cleaning cloth which were unexpected but awesome! I recommend this bumper. The only thing I don't like about this bumper is due to the fact that it's a bumper... so it's not really a valid complaint. I simply love the way the naked 5C feels in the hand. With a bumper it is a little less amazing, but it still feels great and also improves grip when holding it.


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