Hula Bumper Case for iPhone 5C

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iPhone 5C Hula Cases 3 out of 5 based on 10 user reviews.

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Product Description

  • Slim profile bumper with 4-corner protection
  • Lay-flat bezel protects the front and back of your iPhone 5C from directly contacting surfaces
  • Includes front and back screen protectors

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Case-Mate iPhone 5C Hula Cases

The Hula Case for iPhone 5C is a shining example of minimalist protection. This slim profile bumper features an integrated front and back screen protector.

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5C Hula Case

LOVE--this is the second one I have bought. Fits well and protects the phone.


5C Hula Case

I thought from the description that this case was all one piece-with front and back screen protectors. It is not-it is a piece that fits over the edges and then plastic pieces you have to peel and stick on the front and back. I did not want stick on protectors. Obviously I misunderstood and could not tell from the pics-I definitely should have read the reviews first!! For this reason I was disappointed.


Beautiful Case, Very Disappointing

I love the look and feel of this case, however during the first day, the rubber began to peel off on the front and back of the case. And then within the first week, the plastic over the bottom ports broke as well, making the case entirely unusable.


5C Hula Case

Ordered my case on a Friday, received it on the following Monday--so very quick shipping. After only a few days of use, the white stripping is already peeling off of the plastic base on the bottom (front and back). Am already searching for a new case that will last longer than a week.

-Beth Culver

A Beautiful Case with Serious Flaws

If you're looking for a case for your 5c that protects it while showing off the original color of your phone, the Case-Mate Hula bumper seems like the perfect choice. I received mine and, after putting it on the phone, started receiving compliments about it that very day. I was extremely pleased. The design is very well done. I purchased the white model to go on my blue 5c. It protects the phone from most damage, especially if you use the provided screen and phone protectors. However, durability is where this case begins to fall apart...literally. After only two days of normal use, the white rubber sections of the case began separating from the plastic at the corners. Not many days after, the plastic was just flopping about because it had come completely loose. I contacted Case-Mate and they sent me a second Hula case, completely free of charge. So definite kudos to their customer service department, as they took care of me very well. However, after another couple days of use, that second case began to fall apart as well. These cases have serious problems. A product that is designed for protection should be able to last more than a couple days under normal use. That being said, I do still use the case. I have simply resorted to super-gluing the rubber pieces back on any time one begins to peel away. It's an annoyance, but I've been putting up with it simply because I love the look of the case. The person that decided on the type of glue used to hold the case together should be held responsible. And Case-Mate better be giving their designers a raise because they are the only reason this case isn't a complete failure.


iPhone 5c Hula Case

Good product, but not very rugid. I spend a lot of time working on construction sites. I broke the corner off the case while searching for the phone in a tight corner of my coveralls.


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