Brilliance Case for iPhone 5/5S

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iPhone 5S Brilliance Cases 4 out of 5 based on 20 user reviews.

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Product Description

  • Genuine crystal with premium leather accent
  • Interior patterned inlay adds greater protection & finished feel throughout
  • Sophisticated interlocking case design adds higher level of protection for your iPhone 5/5S
  • Compatible with iPhone 5/5S
Case-Mate iPhone 5S Brilliance Cases

The Brilliance case for iPhone 5/5S features the sparkling splendor of genuine crystal accented with premium leather. Each crystal is thoughtfully selected and carefully placed to create a dynamic shimmer, adding further distinction and one-of-a-kind appeal to your iPhone 5/5S.

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Perfect except one thing...

So this case is perfect. If you want some bling and protection on your phone, then buy this case. Unfortunately, this case is super snug on my phone. So whenever you use the volume buttons, the up goes down and the down goes down. I have to drop the volume ALL the way down in order for the up button to actually increase the volume on the phone. Now before you go ahead and say, "Hey. Did you ever think about messing with the phone without the cover to see if it's the phone and not the cover?" Why yes, genius. I have. And guess what? It's the cover. So there it is. Buy a pretty phone where you need to fiddle with the volume buttons in order for it to work properly. Do you, boo boo. - Monique


Cute but seems cheap...

When I saw this at a local retailer I had to have it. They didn't have the gold case in stock so I purchased it online. I was super disappointed in the quality. The crystals on the back are held on by some sort of sticky tape. They move around and the case comes apart easily. I figured the quality would be above average considering it cost so much. The only reason I'm keeping it is because it's sparkly and cute. I imagine it lasting about two weeks before all of the crystals fall off. Case Mate let me down on this one...


for looks not wear. don't drop the phone case. cheaply made.

Awfully made. The cheap plastic isn't worth 80 bucks. I feel like I was robbed. If your all about the looks of your phone case, this is the case for you, but if your looking for durability and longevity......... DON'T BUY THIS CASE. I wish I would of bought something more practical for the right price.

-Natasha turner

Gorgeous Case

I received compliments on this case the first time out with it. It is very well made and has brilliant sparkles. I'm very happy with it.

-Tania Argemi

Classy case

This case worried me because of the bling on the outside. I need not worry, because it stays in place and does not break off with regular use. Not to say it may not break off if dropped several feet. No worrys though! You'll love it!



I've had my eye on this case for months!! So I finally decided to purchase it in black. Absolutely loved it for the first week! But after just one week, four of the jewels on the back fell off, so now there is an empty spot on the back of my case (which makes the case so unattractive). So disappointed with the fact that a $70 case already is falling apart. SIDE NOTE: I am very gentle and careful with all my belongings. I never just throw my phone anywhere in a bag, always put in in a pocket. So I have no idea why the jewels are already falling apart. Such a disappointment and I feel like I wasted my money after loving it for only a week.


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