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iPhone 5 Snap Cases This Snap iPhone 5/5S case features a rapid action, built-in kickstand. 4 out of 5 based on 4 user reviews.

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  • Lipstick Pink/Flame Red
  • Marine Blue/Emerald Green
  • Titanium Grey/Marine Blue
  • Violet Purple/Chartreuse Green
  • Black/Titanium Grey

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Product Description

  • Fun to use, spring-action kickstand
  • Stand enables both portrait and landscape viewing
  • Soft-touch matte design
  • Compatible with iPhone 5 and iPhone 5S
  • Product Dimensions (cm): Length: 12.7 Width: 6.3 Height: 1.5

Also available for iPhone 4/4s


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Case-Mate iPhone 5 Snap Cases
Oh, Snap! This fun to use iPhone 5/5S case comes with a spring action stand for hands-free viewing. Modeled after the popular slap bracelet, this clever snap-out design allows for a rapid-deploy, built-in kickstand. The stand pops out with a simple touch to allow for horizontal and vertical viewing or lays flat when not in use. Made from a soft material, the protective case includes a raised bezel that protects the screen.

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Like it, Don't Love it

I've had the Snap case for almost two years and it just broke on me. That's after being shoved into pockets and backpacks and used a lot every single day. What broke was the actual Snap stand, which came off of the case. That being said, I really enjoyed this case while I had it. It protected my phone and the stand really worked well when I wanted to use it. However the biggest flaw with the design is that the stand will flip out if it gets the slightest bump, even if it happens to be in your pocket. There were countless times I'd bump into something and feel the the stand snap out in my pocket. Often it was very inconvenient to have to stop and fix that. The snap stand also became harder and harder to snap back straight. At first this was really easy, but it lost some of its shape and substance over time and use. With the stand leaving a gaping hole in the back of the case (while open) it is also easy for large particles to get into the case itself and scratch up the phone. All the scratches are on the metal and not the screen, but they are decent flaws on my phone now. I will say, though, that unless I find another case I fall in love with, I will likely buy another Snap case. It's protected my phone and done what I've wanted. It's slim, convenient, and unique.


Different because of pop out stand

I like the fact the this case has a stand the pops out. My wife and I both have this case and we use the stand all the time.


Case-Mate iPhone 5 Snap Case

While the case does offer good protection for the iPhone and the bottom of the case does not interfere with connection to other devices, the kick stand design does present a problem. When carrying the iPhone in your pocket, the kick stands will pop open at times. This is a disappointing feature that needs to be corrected.

-Greg Sean Canning

Great case

I was looking for a case that has a stand since I watch a lot of movie on my phone. This case has that fun snap stand in the back & it really dose a great job. The material is pretty sturdy and thick. I was a bit disappointed when I see the actual color (not as vibrant as pic)and but other then that, I think it's a great phone case.


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