Naked Tough for iPhone 5/5S

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iPhone 5 Naked Tough Cases 4 out of 5 based on 58 user reviews.

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  • Clear/Black Bumper
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  • Clear/White Bumper

Product Description

  • Protective, coordinating bumper with metallic buttons for finishing detail and enhanced touch
  • Two-piece design adds a higher level of protection
  • Compatible with iPhone 5 and iPhone 5S

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Case-Mate iPhone 5 Naked Tough Cases

It’s quite the show off.  This protective, two-piece case keeps it cool with its smooth transparent finish and ultra slim design. Its lightweight, minimalist design delivers a stylish profile, while the impact resistant hard shell and coordinating bumper protects against impacts and falls. Metallic chrome buttons accent and complete the polished look of your device.

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Great functionality/protection, yet bumper won't stay white long

I love this case both stylistically and in terms of security. My iPhone is protected on both sides, and the bumper is great for if you drop on its front and won't have to worry about the screen cracking. My only problem with this case is that the white bumper got dirty and discolored in less than 24 hrs., and I'm not a messy person. I liked the white bumper because it matched the phone, but it didn't stay white for long at all.

-Chelsea Reed

Happy with my case!

When I first put the case on my phone I was pleased at how attractive it looks. I felt that the case looked a little flimsy though. That said, the first time I dropped my phone the case protected it beautifully; case cracked a tiny bit, but it protected my phone and prevented it from being damaged! I've dropped it a dozen times since, no damage to either the case or the phone. What's not to be happy about? I would have given the case 5 stars if the case had fallen and not cracked. But then, when your car hits something, you don't expect it not to be damaged, do you?

-Sheila Radovancevic

Wonderful case!!!

LOVE this case! It's completely clear and shows off the beauty of the iPhone wonderfully!!

-Tara Yoder


I was so excited to have this case. The rubber lining at the bottom seemed to be more rigid than the previous tough cases by this brand. However, after the first few hours of even having the case, the rubber was stained immediately (I have white). I take very good care of my phone, but anything it touched seemed to rub off on the white rubber. I was very disappointed and tried everything to make the white come back, but it won't. Also, the plastic on the edges where it touches the rubber seems to have started cracking. I have had this case for only a few weeks. Again, I take very good care of my phone and don't throw it around or sleep on it, etc. This case could have been more well designed for the price.


Great Case to Appreciate Apple's Sleek Design

I really love the design of the iPhone 5S, so I wanted a case that would also appreciate the design of the phone. When I found this, I was skeptical because I also wanted good protection, and didn't want to break the phone. I've had it for about a month now, and I love it! It really makes the phone look beautiful, but I'm not worried about dropping and breaking it. The bumper is used for shock absorption while the hard, plastic case protects against scratches. Sure there are some scratches on the back of the phone, but I expected this when I dropped it. Overall, I'm very pleased with this purchase.


Pleasantly satisfied

I admit I was skeptical but I had great luck with my first casemate purchase for an older phone so I took the leap with this one. The case is very simple and less bulky than my previous not-bulky-at-all case. I haven't dropped it yet, but so far I like the feel and the simplicity. Hopeful that it'll hold up!


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