Brushed Aluminum for iPhone 5/5S

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iPhone 5 Brushed Aluminum Cases The Brushed Aluminum case features a genuine brushed aluminum inlay that adds an elegant sportiness. A hard shell surrounds the perimeter of case, showing off more of your device. 4 out of 5 based on 10 user reviews.

Select Color - Black/Rosegold


  • Black/Rosegold
  • Gunmetal/Black

Product Description

  • Genuine brushed aluminum inlay
  • Interior patterned inlay adds greater protection & finished feel throughout
  • Sophisticated interlocking case design adds higher level of protection
  • Compatible with iPhone 5 and iPhone 5S

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Case-Mate iPhone 5 Brushed Aluminum Cases

Sophistication is in the details. The Brushed Aluminum collection impresses with a metallic, sporty look with a sleek luxurious feel. The brushed aluminum effect evokes a look of modern and natural sophistication.

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Great product

Easy to put on. Great quality. I love it.


not as premium as you would think

This was by far my favorite case until I noticed that the bottom of the case does not secure the phone. There is wiggle room between the phone and the case and when you hold the phone in your hands, you can squeeze the case into the phone. this makes a squeaky noise and get very annoying. I'm am not happy with the quality of this case considering it was very expensive. My advice is to go with another case. Casemate still makes good cases, this just isn't one of them.

-Brian Ly

Classy look to a classy device

overall a beautiful looking case. Makes the phone a little thicker (1 cm-ish), but protection is its main function, so doesn't really matter. Dust tends to build up within the edges so taking the case of to clean it is necessary.

-Randolph Pineda

Probably my favorite iPhone case

I love case this so much I kept it on my phone for about 4 months while my other 20 cases just sat there. It just matches me perfectly and I love it overall!


Great Case

I like this case as it looks good and it protects my iPhone. Gotten a few compliments on it, so I know it's not just me that likes the case.


Case makes a good case.

This thing looks slick. It feels solid and looks very well made. The buttons all pop just as they should. I particularly liked the two-piece design whereby the phone is literally encased between front and back. Also the front frame surrounds the entire phone instead of leaving the top and/or bottom exposed. I really, really like it.

-Shannon Phipps

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