Signature Leather Flip Case for iPhone 4 / 4S

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iPhone 4 / 4S Signature Leather Flip Case Add executive styling with the Signature Flip iPhone 4 / 4S case. The genuine leather iPhone case combines sophistication and a flip cover that protects the front of the iPhone. 5 out of 5 based on 7 user reviews.
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Product Description IPH4SIGFLIP

  • Hand-crafted, genuine leather case with protective front flap
  • Form fit feature covers back and corners, while flip cover protects front
  • Available in hand-crafted black leather
  • Impact resistant, flexible shell
  • Access to all ports and functions
Case-Mate iPhone 4 / 4S Signature Leather Flip Case
Sharp and sophisticated as ever in genuine leather, the Signature Flip iPhone 4 / 4S case remains at the forefront of style.

Subtle texture and hand-crafted leather protect the iPhone from front to back with a refined flip cover. Fashioned from a hand-crafted, genuine leather exterior, the case flips open to reveal a soft brushed, suede interior. The convenient flip design protects the phone screen with a sophisticated cover and look. It’s the perfect accompaniment to the boardroom and beyond. Fits all iPhone 4 / iPhone 4S devices (AT&T, Verizon, Sprint and International)

Does this case fit the iPhone 4S?

Yes, this case fits all the iPhone 4 and iPhone 4S (AT&T, Verizon, Sprint and International).

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Not just for the boardroom

My favorite iphone case to date. It's not just for the boardroom either, it's also for everyday use and us "non-executives". I like this case because, unlike alot of other designs, it protects the screen from scratches and impact. When you flip it open you can still see the nice design of the phone without it being hidden. The cover flips open (down) easily allowing you to take phone calls. Because the screen cover, I actually ditched my screen protector. With the combination of the flip cover and the glass of the iphone, I feel there is more than adequate protection. This allows you to always have a nice responsive display. The close fitting size keeps it small. I carry mine in my pocket or computer bag without the need for another clip or case. I basically gave up wearing phones on my belt because they kept getting damaged when they fell off. The only limitations are when you take a picture requiring a flash, the hole in the case reflects the flash back causing an over-exposed picture. The solution is to simply slide the phone out halfway. Not a problem for me because most pictures I take are during the day. But, because the phone slides in/out easily, not a huge problem. The other issue is that typing in landscape mode is a bit encumbered by the flip top of the case. Again, you can simply slide the phone out if need be or type in portrait mode. Overall, a great case in both protection and looks. Money well spent considering the replacement cost of a new phone.


Ran over it with my car!

My iphone fell out of my purse as I was leaving my exercise class. Someone found it and turned it in. When I got it I realized that I had run over it with my VW bug!!! The case has a few scratches, but my phone is just fine. This case is the best.

-Barbara Witherspoon

Couldn't be happier

I bought this case because I tend to through my iphone in my purse followed by keys and change, etc. I wanted something to fully protect my phone while still looking good. I liked that I could have my phone out on the table in a business meeting and if I got a message my screen was covered. My 20 month old daughter has been "playing" with my phone for a long time and my case is still in perfect condition, after being abused and handled with sticky fingers. All in all, very happy with this case and surprised it still looks perfect. Well worth the money.


iPhone 4 Leather Flip Case

To be honset I have several Case-Mate iPhone 4 cases and I love them all. I could everyday. But this Leather Flip Case is the best for me. It fits in my pant pocket and purse very well. Its easy to open when there is a incoming text/call. I just wish you had other colors. Like Pink, red, blue and purple.. Great Products!!!!!!!!!

-Nancy Barstow

Gorgeous case

Case-Mate does it again! this is a fabulous case and inexpensive insurance for my investment. I do agree with Robert though it would be better if the cover folded all the way back. Also it interfe5rs with the flash and makes it flare the photo but this would not stop me from buying another one!! If you have and iPhone 4 and want to keep with the design! BUT this case! Many thanks Case-Mate....Jaimi

-ToXic Blonde

Terrific Case

Perfect case for jeans/pants pocket for guys or case for girls. Protects all facets of the phone. I also have the holster case for on-the- belt use, & the Barely There & gel cover for other needs, but the Flip is my favorite!

-Bill Wolff

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