Tough Case for HTC One (HTC M7)

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HTC One Tough Cases The HTC One Tough case uses the strong protective power of dual layers to absorb impact and protect your HTC One in any situation. 5 out of 5 based on 6 user reviews.

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  • Violet Purple/Pink
  • Black/Black

Product Description

  • Dual layers of silicone and polycarbonate hard shell combine for secure protection
  • Form fit feature covers back and corners
  • Impact resistant, flexible plastic shell
  • Access to all ports and functions on your HTC One (also known as HTC M7)

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Case-Mate HTC One Tough Cases
Consider it the toughest love around. The HTC One case uses dual layers of resilient material for a rugged case that protects the object of your affection with a defensive style.

A form-fitting silicone skin completely surrounds the HTC One (also known as HTC M7), adding a layer of cushion that absorbs shocks and impacts. The impact resistant, polycarbonate hard shell fits directly on top of the silicone skin for extra HTC One protection. A solid finish makes the HTC One case easy-to-hold, while the streamlined design keeps the silhouette slim enough to fit in your pocket.

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Case-Mate HTC One (HTC M7)

This tough Case-Mate for HTC One is just what I was looking for. Since my first mobile I use only Case-Mate. the new models for the new phones are even better then before. Great design, fits perfectly, thin, feels good in the hand and most important protects the mobile.


Great Case

This case is beautiful to look at, completely non-slip and yet I feel confident the phone is protected. Love the 2 colors and the way it feels in my hand without making the phone bulky at all. I tried several different cases, but this is the ONE!



You all can add an LCD protector also a clip for belt that it snaps into other than that it's a good case. Due to LCD not protected I spent 175 to replace phone with insurance

-Carlos M del Bosque Jr

Buy it!

The tough case for my HTC Inspire protected my phone so well for 2 years, that I didn't even consider any other brands/models when I bought a new phone. As soon as I ordered my HTC One, I ordered another Case-Mate Tough Case the very same day. In fact, my new case arrived at my house before my new phone did!

-Denny Miller


This looks sick!! when is this going to be in stock? cant wait to get my hands on this. :)



This is my fourth tough case...I had one for the iPhone 4, 4S, and 5...but this is the first one with which I have been disappointed. The iPhone 5 version was by far the best. It was a refinement of the design, with just the bumper inside and the tough hardshell case outside, but it kept the phone (relatively) slim and it felt great to hold. I got bored with iOS recently and switched to the HTC One and immediately ordered the tough case for it. Unfortunately, it adds a great deal of bulk to the beautiful design of the One, and honestly just makes it seem ugly...far more so than the iPhone versions did. It also doesn't fit nearly as well as those did. It has some areas where the rubber inside and plastic outside don't seem to fit super tightly. The worst place, though, is near the volume rockers, where it's just the flimsy hard shell part there at all. That alone made me almost return the case. But the rest of the case seems OK. Overall, I'm disappointed in this case especially compared to the iPhone versions, which were excellent. But it's still better than many other cases out there, so I'll hold on to it for now. But in the future I'll think twice about picking one up.

-Matthew Brown

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