Tough Case for iPhone 4 / 4S

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iPhone 4 / 4S Tough Cases The Tough iPhone 4 / 4S cases use the strong protective power of dual layers to absorb impact and protect your iPhone 4 / 4S in any situation. 5 out of 5 based on 22 user reviews.
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Product Description I4VZTOUGH

  • A form-fitting silicone skin completely surrounds the iPhone 4 / 4S, adding a layer of cushion that absorbs shocks and impacts.
  • The impact resistant, polycarbonate hard shell fits directly on top of the silicone skin for extra iPhone protection.
  • A solid finish makes the iPhone 4 / 4S case easy-to-hold, while the streamlined design keeps the silhouette slim enough to fit in your pocket. 

    Fits all iPhone 4 / iPhone 4S devices (AT&T, Verizon, Sprint and International)

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Case-Mate iPhone 4 / 4S Tough Cases
Consider it the toughest love around. The Tough iPhone 4 / 4S case uses dual layers of resilient material for a rugged case that protects the object of your affection with a defensive style.

Does this case fit the iPhone 4S?

Yes, this case fits all iPhone 4 and iPhone 4S devices (AT&T, Verizon, Sprint and International).

What is this case made of?

The Tough provides two layers of protection with a silicone skin and a hard shell polycarbonate case.

What are the dimensions of the case?

4.62 x 2.39 x 0.45 in (117.2 x 60.6 x 11.3 mm)

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Custom made case on time and looking awesome!

My expectations have been exceeded! I placed an order for a custom made tough case for my boyfriend as a Christmas gift. The picture I used was the logo of his favorite NHL team with the shadow of an ice rink on the bottom. I was scared it wasn't going to turn out to really show the picture clearly. I was also very nervous that it wouldn't come on time for Christmas. Actually, I was certain it wouldn't be on time because on December 5th, my email from Case-mate said it would take 3-4 weeks delivery. So I was a little bummed. Just yesterday, I got the case in my mail! I opened it up, and it is effing gorgeous! I am ecstatic with the way it turned out and the fact that I can give it to my boyfriend on time for Christmas!

-Jessica P

Just get it

This is the most no-nonsense rugged cover for the iPhone 4. I beat mine up for well over a year and took it off only to switch it to my iPhone 4S....oh, did I mention when I took it off that my original iPhone looked like new? Ridiculous. You love this case. Just buy it.


Off the car top

I left my iPhone on top of the car after a bike ride. A mile down the road at 40mph I heard it slide off and hit the roof rack. After searching the shoulders for 30 minutes, I found the phone in the middle of the road. One corner of the outer case was missing, and it was pretty scuffed up after bouncing and sliding...but the phone was in pristine condition and working perfectly. I got home and immediately ordered another Tough Case.


Best case available

I received this case as a gift a few months ago. I was looking for something that would adequately protect my phone while keeping a low profile. I liked it. Then, I received another case from my mother-in-law a few weeks later. I was excited by the reviews I had read. I had the other case on for about a week and realized I had made an error in judgement. I switched back to the Tough Case IMMEDIATELY and have not looked back since. This case slides in and out of your pocket easily and is the slimmest I have seen for such a highly protective case. I have received many compliments and this case should be in the iPhone vernacular exponentially more. Thanks Case-Mate!

-Matt Armstrong

Case-Mate: Make a bigger flash opening!

Excellent case for strenght and protection. Grips well. On the downside, my white 4s washes out the photo when using the flash in low-light conditions. This is due to the flash bouncing off of the case opening. This may be less of an issue with black iphones. Workaround is to remove the case when taking photos. Fortunately this is fairly easy as compared to the Droid X tough case.


I LOVE this case, but........

I had purchased the iPhone 4 Tough case when i received my new 4s in October (to protect it until a 4s case was available) and loved it. Very well made, slim and just as the name implies...tough. When Case-Mate introduced the Tough case for the 4s, I bought it right away. I received it yesterday but was disappointed. The case is designed with a raised grip that surrounds the rigid section, and it does a very good job of keeping the phone in your hand. The new case however, seems to have a molding issue that left it with the texture of ultra soft suede. Very slippery! The raised bumps are still somewhat visible, but are not in any way effective. I can't even use the phone one handed with the case on. I hope this is just a glitch in production and not a widespread issue. Hopefully one else has had this problem. Aside from that, this is one of the best cases you can buy for your iPhone.


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