Flowers by Tad Carpenter

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Tad Carpenter Cases - Flowers The Tad Carpenter case collection features whimsical and fun cases for the iPhone, BlackBerry, Samsung Galaxy and iPod Touch. Filled with character design and bright colors, the fun-filled patterns stand out in the quirky cases. 4 out of 5 based on 4 user reviews.

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Product Description

Tad Carpenter’s fun, fanciful personality shines though in his latest endeavor, the Tad Carpenter Collection for Case-mate. As a modern day storyteller, Tad’s designs have the ability to take us on an imaginary journey that is filled with amusement and delight.
Case-Mate Custom Tad Carpenter Cases - Flowers
  • Two-piece design adds a higher level of protection
  • Enhanced bumper with metal buttons for finishing detail and a luxurious touch
  • Interior finished liner provides a subtle cushion & elegant feel

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Almost Perfect

I ordered this case as a replacement for another one exactly like it that recently broke. When I got it, I immediately put it on my phone. The only complaint that I have with it is that the outside hard case has a little bit of a gap between it and the inner plastic part. No matter how hard I press it together after a few seconds it separates and leaves a small gap. I'm afraid that this will allow dirt to get in and perhaps not be as secure if it is dropped.

-Jennifer Johnson



-Sue Tietjen

Too big for iPhone 5

This case does not properly fit the iPhone 5. The phone looks like it fits well but the phone has too much wiggle room inside the case. It is not snug enough.


Cutest case!!!

I love my new flower case. It is so cute and the design is so fresh!!! People are constantly complimenting me on it. The case fits my iphone perfectly and with kids that are constantly dropping my phone, I am glad I got the hard case. There have been a couple drops but the phone has been fine thanks to the case.

-Kim S.

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