Tough Case for Sony Xperia Z1

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Sony Xperia Z1 Tough Cases A protective hard shell and flexible bumper combine in this Tough Sony Xperia Z1 case. 3 out of 5 based on 3 user reviews.

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Product Description

  • Enhanced two-piece design makes Tough slimmer than ever with improved impact resistance and shock dispersion
  • New shock-absorbing flexible bumper provides secure fit and sleek color contrast
  • New interior liner adds greater protection and impressive detailed pattern.
  • Lay-flat bezel design protects your screen from directly contacting surfaces
  • Rugged, textured finish for and easy-to-hold and secure grip
Case-Mate Sony Xperia Z1 Tough Cases
Experience the look and feel of modern case protection with the two-piece Tough Sony Xperia Z1 case. This dual-layered design beautifully balances the impact resistant polycarbonate hard shell with a shock-absorbing interior cushion. The accompanying flexible bumper provides a secure fit and sleek color contrast. A rugged, textured finish makes it easy-to-hold and grip.

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Great protection, harder to use than my last case-mate

I bought this case because I loved it on my HTC Desire HD, which it protected impeccably for 3 years. I love that it's so thin, but still protects well from drops and bumps. However, the material of the inner case has been changed to a solid plasticy rubber, instead of the soft silicone used previously. There must be a reason for this, but it makes the buttons very hard to press, as other reviewers have said. Bring back the soft silicone and I'd give 5 stars.


Almost the best case

This case has amazing fit and finish. Like one of the other reviews states, the buttons are far to hard to press. Needs to be softer rubber where the buttons are. And the fact that I can't use my charging base is another downside. I used to place my phone on my bedside table in its base. Now I need to use the cable. When using the cable with the phone in this case, the little flap that opens to access the port needs to be in a particular position or the cable won't fit in. If this case used softer rubber above the buttons and had an opening for the charging port then this would be buy far the bast case.


A good case for a beautiful phone

I bought this case from Rogers Store when I bought my Xperia Z1. The case is very sturdy, fits right in your hand. I have dropped the phone couple of times and nothing!! Amazing protection. The only complaint that I have about this case is that the buttons for volume, power on/off key, and camera are too hard to press. Not just me couple of my friends have been doing the same thing, whenever we press on/off button it turns up the volume, or it lowers the volume. Camera button has to be pressed really really hard to get the camera function running. Once they have fixed this issue, this would be the best case out there in my opinion.

-Bilal Aslam