Mexican Wrestling Brawl by Sebastian Murra

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Sebastian Murra - Mexican Wrestling Brawl The power of color and abstract shapes combine to convey deep emotion in Sebastián Murra’s works of art. 5 out of 5 based on 15 user reviews.

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Product Description

Energize your look with the Sebastion Murra Collection. Abstract designs and intense color swirls work together to create a limitless sense of undulating motion that artfully mirrors the hustle and bustle of everyday life.
Case-Mate Custom Sebastian Murra - Mexican Wrestling Brawl
  • Two-piece design adds a higher level of protection
  • Enhanced bumper with metal buttons for finishing detail and a luxurious touch
  • Interior finished liner provides a subtle cushion & elegant feel

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Great case

This is the exact case I had on my iphone4. I didn't find another one I liked better so I just ordered the same one. I drop my phone on finished concrete flooring at work at least 4 times a week and have never had a single issue. This case does what it claims, protects the phone and is stylish and unique. It's not bulky but still very protective.


Love this case

I get a lot of compliments on the design. It is very sturdy and offers good protection. It also fits my iphone perfectly. The only issue is when I want to take it off for any reason, it is hard to get back off the phone. But overall I love this case.



1. I am being asked to review my recent purchase as of 11.17.13, my order was made on 4.30.13. Not very recent. 2. The case never fit my Galaxy 3 correctly, one edge was always popping out. 3. the bottom corner broke within 3 months. It was not worth the price.

-Sarah JP

Love the colors!

The colors are great. I get compliments on this case all the time. Also, I like the rubber edging around the face of the phone. It's just sticky enough to keep the phone from sliding around - like on my lap while driving, or on a stack of files as I'm walking to a meeting - but not so sticky that it's hard to get in and out of my pocket. I've had the case for about a year and it still looks great despite all I've put it through.



I love this case! I have gotten so many compliments on it! The colors are so great!


Great case!

Love the colors and the protection is great! Would recommend purchasing.


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