Ink It by Sebastian Murra

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Sebastian Murra - Ink It The power of color and abstract shapes combine to convey deep emotion in Sebastián Murra’s works of art. 4 out of 5 based on 2 user reviews.

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Product Description

Energize your look with the Sebastion Murra Collection. Abstract designs and intense color swirls work together to create a limitless sense of undulating motion that artfully mirrors the hustle and bustle of everyday life.
Case-Mate Custom Sebastian Murra - Ink It
  • Two-piece design adds a higher level of protection
  • Enhanced bumper with metal buttons for finishing detail and a luxurious touch
  • Interior finished liner provides a subtle cushion & elegant feel

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Perfect Cover

I love the think sleek covers offered by Case Mate. As metioned in the pros and cons section, this case is not think, but I bought the iPhone becuase it was small, i don't want to bulk it up with a heavy, thick cover. I want to accent it! This cover provides protection and durablity. My cases average 6-12 months, mostly i'm just replacing them becuase I'm wanting a new style not becuase they are defective or worn out. besides the acutal case the Sebastian Mura Ink design is perfect. Love the black and white colors, they actually pop! i always get comments and compliments.


Almost bought this case but...

I think the design of this case is super unique and almost would've bought it but didn't b/c it doesn't have a credit card slot in the back like some of the other phones. I hope Case Mate starts adding this feature to their "design" phones b/c as great looking as this phone is, it doesn't have a functional/extremely useful feature of holding essentials in its back slot, if this phone did it would be great.