Caliber Case for Samsung GALAXY S5

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Samsung Galaxy S5 Caliber Cases 3 out of 5 based on 7 user reviews.

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Product Description

  • Genuine G10 ballistic composite
  • Interior patterned inlay adds greater protection & finished feel throughout
  • Sophisticated interlocking case design adds higher level of protection

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Case-Mate Samsung Galaxy S5 Caliber Cases
Inspired by the advanced materials used in modern tactical gear and military equipment, the Caliber Case for Samsung Galaxy S5 offers rugged protection in a streamlined package. Featuring genuine G10 ballistic composite for superior durability and enhanced grip.

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breaks easily

Dropped my phone from about a foot high and a tiny side piece broke off, now its useless since it can't even stay on the phone. Definitely not worth the money. Bought a 5 dollar case on ebay which offers more protection and is more stylish.


Breaks apart too easily

The side is extremely flimsy. It is not up to par with the rest of the case. How often do you drop your phone and have it land on its back only? Almost never. If you drop your phone from more than a foot or two off the ground and it hits its side, the case breaks apart. It even partially comes apart while in my pocket. Maybe I received a lemon but it is NOT worth the $50 I spent. Buy a different case that will actually protect your phone.

-Andy A

Good but not for music lovers

I listen to my music in the car and hook up my phone to speakers at my house so when I have to take the case off so the jack can fit in the phone it's not worth it. For the headphones that come with the phone it's ok but every other jack I tried I have to take off the case. Other then that it's slim and can fit in my pocket without any problem.

-Paula Woods

Great Case

Great feel. The case provides excellent protection with less bulge. This is my first Casemate purchase. I love the switch.

-Johnny Crawford

bitchen case

it fits really well and has a gun like feel to it. its also extremely rigid so I'm worried about what it will do with a hard impact other than that its a bad ass case.

-Thomas Kelly

Doesn't seem to be worth the $

This case has it's pros and cons as you see. The design of the case, as far as aesthetics goes, is great. I love the look and feel of the it in your hand. It's very easy to take apart in order to get to your phone or to switch cases, etc. However, this feature may also be this case's downfall; I was sitting on my couch and my sons tapped my phone out of my hand causing it to drop to the floor, only about 1-1.5 feet. Most cases that i have had in the past, i felt that i could throw it across the room and it would protect my phone. This one popped open, leaving the phone exposed from a single tap on the floor from a 1 foot drop. What if it had hit the table then the floor?! My phone would have been protected from the initial strike but then vulnerable for the major assault. All in all, this case is sturdy, visually, but when it is put to the test it is a fail in my eyes. For $50 you could get a much better case, It may not be made of G-10 plastics but at least it might stay on your phone.

-Joe Balcher

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