Barely There Case for Samsung GALAXY S5

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Samsung Galaxy S5 Barely There Cases 3 out of 5 based on 3 user reviews.

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Product Description

  • Ultra-slim profile with enhanced soft touch finish*
  • Lay-flat bezel protects the screen from directly contacting surfaces
  • *Soft touch finish does not apply for the Glossy White and Clear versions

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Case-Mate Samsung Galaxy S5 Barely There Cases
Think thin with the original slim case. The Barely There case for Samsung Galaxy S5 forms a classic and protective design that shows off the slim profile of your device. The impact resistant hard shell covers the back and sides, while the lay-flat feature protects the front of your device by extending the bezel above the screen.

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I love this case

I have been in love with the metallic silver (now chrome) Barely There since I got one for my BlackBerry 9700. Sadly, they don't make them for every phone-so once I switched to Samsung it was over a year before I got one for my Galaxy S3, and a year without one until I saw they made one for the Galaxy S5 and upgraded. They are not the most sturdy or protective, but they do a good job. The areas it does cover remain flawless. It looks beautiful on-which is the main reason I keep buying it-and offers reasonable protection if you're not working on a construction site or someplace hazardous. For the thickness and areas of coverage, it's probably one of the better choices on the market.

-Terita M.


I was so disappointed! From the description I could hardly wait for it to arrive, then I opened the package to reveal a cheap piece of plastic....and for $20.00. Needless to say I returned it the same day.

-M. Bell

"Barely There" is a great product entry, but "Not There" yet!

I researched the options and chose "CaseMate" then their "Barely There" case to protect my brand new Samsung S5, in 5/2014. I was guided to the company by its strong reputation for quality and integrity. Guided to the "Barely There" by my strong desire to have a svelte, barely noticeable, protective case on my new, cool smart phone. Unfortunately, while the case is really nice looking and fits almost like a glove, it would never fit snugly over the top left corner. I tried, my friends and neighbors tried, etc. No one of any tech sophistication could get the top left corner to snugly fit over the phone and snap then, the whole case securely into place. Then, I found another "Barely There" user with the same problem. It appears to this user that the left top corner is too porous with button holes for the volume button and top side holes that it doesn't have the strength the other three corners have, so it won't hold. I was so disappointed! I loved the case, but it wasn't acting right AND, there appeared to be nothing like it in the marketplace, not to mention CaseMate. So, I called CaseMate and talked to an excellent CSR named Artie Diaz. He listened carefully and understood my frustration and was empathetic. He knew I wanted to keep my case, but had to move on. Thanks to Mr. Diaz' research, I did discover and ended up getting probably the next-best solution from CaseMate, which is a tad more expensive, but is a Super, Super product for the S5. I got the "Naked Tough" Case. It's just as slim (small bit bigger) as the "Barely There", but very, very firm and snug in the fit. The phone has already fallen twice, but nicely protected by the "Naked Tough". So, "Barely There" great idea, but "Not There" yet. I will be watching for it next time.