Woods Cases for Samsung Galaxy S4

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Samsung Galaxy S4 Woods Cases Style is ingrained in this woods case. Genuine hardwood and brushed aluminum contrast in this premium two-piece design. 3 out of 5 based on 4 user reviews.

Select Color - Blackened Ash


  • Blackened Ash
  • Rosewood

Product Description

Ingrained style comes naturally for the Samsung Galaxy S4 with the Woods, part of the Artistry collection. Globally sourced, each case begins with a single piece of premium, exotic hardwood that is infused with its own distinctive grain pattern. An aircraft-grade brushed aluminum stripe perfectly complements this design, similar to styles often seen in high-end automobiles.
Case-Mate Samsung Galaxy S4 Woods Cases
  • Genuine exotic hardwoods paired with brushed aluminum accents
  • Interior patterned inlay adds greater protection
  • Sophisticated two-piece construction protects the front and back of your phone

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Nice wood but needs fix

Very impress with the package, the product has nice design, the wood plate in the back starts to open(peel off from plastic frame) from the bottom right coner after 2 days of using....now been using for 2 Weeks....it needs some glue to fix soon...cause it starts open wider...nice design but not recommend...

-Tom kaewsith

Amazing case!

When I received this case I was immediately impressed before I even opened the product. The packaging had aluminium on the outside and looked very fancy. I opened the case up and way in shock how amazing the case looked. It doesn't add much bulk but also feels secure and no two cases are the same because of the high class wood finish on the back of the case. It is a unique design with many different features. It doesn't feel like it will fall out of my hand when I am holding it and also feels like even if it did, it would be fine! I love this case and would highly recommend it. I use it for everyday use and get compliments on how unique it looks every time!

-Finley McGregor


Don't buy this case especially when it used to be 50.00 and now they want to charge 80.00 for a case that isn't durable i've had my case since early december and the wood part is coming off the case its not solid wood just some thin wood piece glued onto the back. Don't buy


Great case

Good case. Beautiful. Buttons easy to reach a great case unless you plan on being rough with ur phone then it wouldn't help much. They were $50 when I bought mine but a week later they went up to $80 and that's ridiculous. I thought $50 was to high about $40 at most but I really liked it so ten dollars was not a big difference but I would never have bought for $80. Maybe if it still had the same stylish features and a real protective case so you could drop it on concrete and not even worry about it.


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