Glam Cases for Samsung Galaxy S4

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Samsung Galaxy S4 Glam Cases Glitter does more than dazzle with the Glam case. The glitter case adds shine and sparkle with a shiny and chic look. 4 out of 5 based on 10 user reviews.

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Product Description

The Samsung Galaxy S4 Glam Collection is inspired by dazzling fine jewelry that shimmers. The dynamic sparkle is created through a unique finishing process in which vibrant sparkles are captured onto a glossy, smooth surface, ensuring durability and a stunning depth of color. The sophisticated design of the Glam Collection is ready to wear day or night as a tribute to the timeless appeal of rich sparkle and shine.
Case-Mate Samsung Galaxy S4 Glam Cases
  • Glitter coated inlay case with smooth finish
  • Unique interlocking case design adds higher level of protection
  • Interior finished liner provides subtle cushion & elegant feel

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glam and sleek

This case makes it easier to hold your phone (S4) and is so cute. I dropped my phone onto concrete, hard enough to scratch the case -- it opened up but the phone was unaffected. Very happy with my case and with Case-Mate's customer service and shipping!

-Linda Kwon

Looks good but don't buy

I bought the case because the glitter is fun but classy, and the man at the Sprint store assured me that the case was reliable. However, the case broke simply from attempting to take the phone out one week after I bought it. Now five weeks out, I dropped my phone on tile, and the case is once again broken. This is a very disappointing product that I only hope I can get a refund for.



I luv this case it is the I have no problems with it and I can't wait to get the black. Wish they had some of the same cases for the Samsung galaxy s4 that the have for the iPhone.


Pretty but purely decorative case

This case is very attractive but it's poorly constructed. My phone fell off my bed (less than 2 feet off the ground) and the top portion of the case broke. Needless to say it doesn't offer much protection for your phone, it's for aesthetic purposes only. I was disappointed because I want a case that's slim but has some protection. Definitely not worth $50.


Pretty but Breakable.

This case is absolutely gorgeous, I adored having it on my Samsung Galaxy S4... until I dropped my phone, the case came apart and my phone was scratched. For 50 dollars it shouldn't fall apart when dropped.


I LOVE this case.

I LOVE this case. I had been eyeing it for months, but was unwilling to spend $50 on it. I found it on sale for $19, and snapped it right up. It looks absolutely BEAUTIFUL any time any light hits it, ESPECIALLY SUNLIGHT. It looks very elegant with my white iPhone. I also love that it doesn't add much bulk at all to my phone, so it shows off how slim the phone is. If you're clumsy, you may require a little more protection. If you're not prone to dropping your phone, you should be fine.


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