Brushed Aluminum Cases for Samsung Galaxy S4

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Samsung Galaxy S4 Brushed Aluminum Cases The Brushed Aluminum case features a genuine brushed aluminum inlay that adds an elegant sportiness. A hard shell surrounds the perimeter of case, showing off more of your device. 3 out of 5 based on 5 user reviews.

Select Color - Black/Rosegold


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  • Black/Rosegold
  • Gunmetal/Black

Product Description

Sophistication is in the details. The Samsung Galaxy S4 Brushed Aluminum case impresses with a blend of metallic, sporty look and sleek luxurious feel. The brushed aluminum effect evokes a look of modern and natural sophistication. 
Case-Mate Samsung Galaxy S4 Brushed Aluminum Cases
  • Brushed Aluminum inlay that shows off more of your device
  • Form fit feature
  • Access to all ports and functions

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Caveat emptor

Saw the silver brushed aluminum and couldn't help but buy it. Lasted about two days when I dropped my phone from no more than two feet. Case went flying in half and my phone got scratched to sh*t. Case went back together no problem, but lo and behold, the damn silver buttons flew off on "impact" and were nowhere to be found. Took it back...same thing happened to the replacement. Soooo, if there's any possibility that you might ever drop your phone, you might be better off gluing the case to it. Case will still look good at least.


Great Style and Protection

I needed to write this review. I am crazy when it comes to cases. Too heavy? No good. Too bulky? No good. Blah Black? No good. Which brings me to the silvery aluminum case-mate. Love it. Offers just the right amount of protection, not heavy but very slim, works in desktop dock with case on, very stylish. Pair it with a good screen protector and your good to go!



Looks pretty fancy, also puts some weight on the phone. Great case love the look. i got a lot of compliments so far.


Great looks are hindering function

The case looks and feels awesome! HOWEVER, the case definitely shortened by WIFI range. I sit at one end of a long office with the Wifi router at the other end. My phone used to get 2 or 3 Wifi bars with a different case. Now, I get none with this case. Fortunately I have unlimited data plan with my carrier, but I lost the Wifi speeds to my phone. Also my bluetooth's range from my phone has been hindered as well.


Very sophisticated

This case is really original, elegant and looks luxurious. It's a shame though that for 50$ the only part that's made from aluminum is the back, most of the case is made of plastic. Still, it makes a statement of its own and is much more unique than other cases out there. Recommended.

-Avishay Gordon

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