Hula for Samsung Galaxy S4 Active

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Samsung Galaxy S4 Active Hula Case The Hula Samsung Galaxy S4 Active case is engineered with silicone and clear plastic to absorb impacts and avoid contact with surfaces, helping you avoid dropped calls. 4 out of 5 based on 1 user reviews.

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Product Description

  • Band profile showcases more of your Samsung Galaxy S4 Active
  • slim, form-fit design
  • impact resistant silicone and TPR plastic
  • access to all S4 Active ports and functions

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Open in the front and back, the Hula Samsung Galaxy S4 Active case covers the perimeter of your device, protecting all sides, corners, and even the body.  The Hula bezel raises the screen and back of your S4 Active off the ground when laying flat.  The Hula combines two materials: impact resistant silicone to frame your device’s edges and strong, clear TPR plastic between those lines. Together they form a protective band. It’s a layer that absorbs impacts with hard surfaces, with less coming between you and your device.

Your Hula Samsung Galaxy S4 Active case is just what you need. Nothing else. At all. 

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Nice case but no back cover

I ordered the Hula case because I had upgraded my phone from Galaxy S2 to Galaxy S4 Active. My old GS2 had a nice no-nonsense black case from Case-Mate. It covered the entire phone except for the screen...which I used screen protectors for. I was hoping that the new case for the GS4 would be similar. While the Hula is a very sophisticated looking case, I was disappointed to find out that it did not cover the back of the phone at all. I carry my phone in my pants pocket. That sometimes causes things in my pocket to rub against the phone. Unfortunately after a short time the back cover of my phone began to get scuffed up. Case-Mate told me that they did not have a case for the S4 Active that covered the back and was not bulky. So I returned the Hula. If you plan on carrying your GS4 Active in a purse the Hula case would probably be fine. Unfortunately it did not work out for me.