Tough Xtreme
for Samsung Galaxy S3

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Samsung Galaxy S3 Tough Xtreme Cases Tough meets style in the Tough Xtreme case for Samsung Galaxy S III. The two-piece Samsung case combines our DuoFlex and PolyCore materials for a modern, on-trend cover with a focus on tough Samsung Galaxy S III protection. 4 out of 5 based on 20 user reviews.

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Samsung Galaxy S3 Tough Xtreme Belt Clip
Tough Xtreme Belt Clip
for Samsung Galaxy S3

Product Description

  • Military-grade protection: Mil Spec Passed (Mil-STD-810F)
  • Two-piece, tough case formed from DuoFlex and PolyCore materials
  • Built-in screen protection
  • Form fit feature covers back and corners
  • Access to all ports and functions

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Case-Mate Samsung Galaxy S3 Tough Xtreme Cases

Express your toughest style with the Tough Xtreme Samsung Galaxy S3 case. The Tough Xtreme case sports a sleek design fit for any lifestyle. The two-piece Samsung Galaxy S3 case impresses with its clean, aesthetic lines and fresh, on-trend colors for good looks and convenient function.

A snap-on frame supports the front and sides of the Samsung Galaxy S3, protecting the screen while the case lays facedown. The multi-layer outer piece is constructed from our revolutionary DuoFlex and PolyCore materials. The DuoFlex soft finish creates a natural cushion and an easy-to-hold grip, while also covering each of the Samsung Galaxy S3 ports. The solid PolyCore material covers the interior for snug, hard shell protection.

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Tought Extreme replacement

I had a warranty replacement issue with my case and clip. It was handled quickly and to my satisfaction by the customer service staff. The replacements arrived at my home very quickly. The case itself is excellent. It has protected my phone from many drops and potentially fatal scratches. I initially bought this case after I cracked my screen and had to pay $100 to get my phone replaced. This case is sturdy and has protected me from having to spend that much again. The only potential concern is the clip that locks the phone in the holster. It broke on my first one and I am weary that it may break again since it is so thin and rigid. Overall I am more than pleased with the case and customer service.

-Mo Tanks

Amazing!! Defnitely get this

This case is absolutely perfect. Yes its a little big but the phone itself is already relatively large so you get used to it. The S3 is my first smartphone so i definitely wanted to make sure it didnt get messed up and this case was the way to go! Its been stepped on, dropped countless times, im not even sure if the phone can break when its in the case at this point. Bottom line its an excellent case


Fantistic protection

I had a piece of 2" angle iron fall on me and it hit the face of my GIII cell phone. dented the case but not a scratch on the phone.

-Jay Dillahay


This case is the biggest piece of expensive crap I have ever owned. I returned a new phone believing it was defective. Brand New Phone no. 2 had the same issues-the calls kept breaking up and the persons I spoke to heard their own voices as an echo. I pulled off the case and voila! the echo went away as well as now the call on my end was able to be clearly heard. It is the case that is the issue. 50 bucks for two problems!!!! BS!


Samsung Galaxy S3 Phantom Case

I would recommend that Case-Mate suspend sales of this case until they redesign the screen cover to allow the proximity sensor on the S3 to work. The proximity sensor is a unique feature of the Samsung S3 and it is one of its more advanced features. You can disable the proximity sensor, but you should not have to. The case needs a simple redesign to remove the trim around the screen cover. Please look at the Otterbox Defender. We ended up having to replace the Phantom case with Otterboxes. Comparing the Phantom case with the Otterbox, the Phantom is much bulkier and heavier, and does not really allow the phone to be carried in a pocket. It needs to go on a diet.



This product works. I purchased my original case at the same place I purchased the new phone. Within 3 days I was visiting the local stable for a few minutes. I had no pockets and there was no place to put my phone while I was doing something else, but there was a thing hanging off one of the stall doors. Well, while I was there, someone put the feeding muzzle--WITH MY PHONE IN IT--on the horse and put her outside. Realizing what had happened, we ran outside and found a very confused looking horse. The Case-Mate case was in pretty sad condition, having been BITTEN BY A HORSE, but the phone was completely intact, not a scratch on it. I immediately got online and purchased a new case.


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