Peacock for Samsung Galaxy S3

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Peacock - Silicone Samsung Galaxy S3 Case Show your style with the Peacock, the fashion-inspired, silicone Samsung Galaxy S3 case. 2 out of 5 based on 3 user reviews.

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Product Description

  • Animal inspired, silicone case for your Samsung Galaxy S3
  • Raised pieces create an easy-to-hold grip
  • Innovative lay-flat design

Also available for iPhone 4/4s

Case-Mate Peacock - Silicone Samsung Galaxy S3 Case
Flock your own way with the Peacock Samsung Galaxy S3 case. This on-trend Peacock case adds an irresistible fashion look with a flexible all silicone design.

Textured and raised pieces create a tactile design that’s fun to hold. The innovative lay-flat design adds extra screen protection with its raised bezel. The accompanying feather charm completes the bohemian styling.

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Looks better than it fits

Fits too loosely and kinda feels too floppy. The back of the case doesn't fit flush against the back of the phone and there is a noticeable pocket of air between the case and the back of the phone. Otherwise this is a great case with high quality finish and cut.



I think this case is pretty, but that's about it. It comes off when you put it in your pocket. It pushes the corners on my screen protector up. I've gotten to the point that I no longer use it.


Would be great if it stayed on

This case is made of material that is way too soft around the front of the phone. It needs to be something that has more of a grip or is more firm, since I have found that if I grab my phone the wrong way, I find my fingers prying the phone off of the case. And by grabbing it the wrong way, I mean grabbing it any other way than specifically squeezing the sides in so the case stays on. Would not buy again nor would I recommend to anyone.