Tough Case for Samsung Galaxy S II (International)

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Samsung Galaxy S II (International Version) Tough Cases The Tough Samsung Galaxy S II use the strong protective power of dual layers to absorb impact and protect your Samsung Galaxy S II in any situation. 4 out of 5 based on 32 user reviews.
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Product Description SSGXYSII-TOUGH

  • Dual layers of silicone and polycarbonate hard shell combine for secure protection
  • Form fit feature covers back and corners
  • Available in black/black
  • Impact resistant, flexible plastic shell
  • Access to all ports and functions
Case-Mate Samsung Galaxy S II (International Version) Tough Cases
You know the feeling. The heartbreak that immediately sets in as your phone smashes to the ground. Flashes of panic, pools of sweat and buckets of tears overwhelm your body. Protect yourself from future stress with the Tough Samsung Galaxy S II case, providing dual layers of protection.

Built to withstand sudden drops and accidental falls, the Tough case is the epitome of protection. A snug, form fitting silicone wrap provides shock resistance, while the polycarbonate hard shell protects against impact. The lightweight, slim case adds support and shields your phone, keeping your emotional state intact, one drop at a time. Check your Samsung Galaxy S II case compatibility here

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Loving the toughness

I have been a fan for years of case-mate hybrid cases for all my smart phones, I was somewhat concerned about how it will work with slim, full touch screen devices. this case rocks, not only does the device feels secure it is also still slim and doesn't add much bulk to the phone. it is simple amazing


Best damn thing i ever bought

This is the best thing that could ever happen to my SII. The phone is too lightweight and too plastic to use it without any case at all. This case made the SII perfect. It gained a little weight, so you would notice a lost and it is so massivly protected that it survived about 10 drops in one year (maybe there were more). I stumpled over the price at the beginning, but to hell, it's worth it. Seriously! It a little work to get it on, but that is not a real problem to me, cause that fact makes the case more protective while not putting it on but just using it ;) That's the way i like it! And to make this review even more meaningfull: I usually only write reviews on bad things. ;)


Need a new version for extended battery!

The other reviewers have already covered the quality of this case. But now that Samsung's Ice Cream Sandwich update reduces battery life so massively, the 2000mAh extended battery from Samsung is a necessity. That makes the phone a bit thicker, and this perfect case no longer really fits. It's possible to get it in, but then the buttons no longer work easily.

-Tim Green


In one year I have water+soap+alcohol cleaned both protections at least 70 times, and it looks like a new year later. High quality product here!


If you want peace of mind, get this.

Had this for about 2 months now, dropped it accidentally while opening mailbox. A good 3 feet odd. Landed flat on screen side after rebounding off a ledge. Removed everything when i reached home, not a scratch on either the phone and the casing. Brilliant product.


Yes it will fit Att. GS4g but not Skyrocket.

Great case but for a couple little annoyances. Good feel, adds a little bulk but that's good as this phone is slick and hard to hold anyway. Had a good case from Att on my international I9100, perfect fit, but very hard buttons. This one is great for the buttons but I had a hellova time getting the liner and hard case on correctly. Perfect now. Also the exposed liner on top and bottom easily push around while putting it in and out of my belt holster. Minor annoyances. Other than that, pretty impressed.

-Bart L

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