Barely There Case for Samsung Galaxy S II (International)

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Samsung Galaxy S II Barely There Cases The Barely There Samsung Galaxy S II case shows off the natural beauty of your amsung Galaxy S II, adding a layer of flexible impact resistant protection with a slim Samsung case. 3 out of 5 based on 24 user reviews.

Product Description SGXII-BT

  • Extremely slim profile showcases more of your Samsung Galaxy S II
  • Form fit feature covers back and corners
  • Available in black and metallic silver
  • Impact resistant, flexible plastic shell
  • Access to all ports and functions
Case-Mate Samsung Galaxy S II Barely There Cases
Think less case and more talk. The Barely There Samsung Galaxy S II case shows off your Samsung with its slim and minimal case design. One our most popular cases, the Barely There combines style with function for the ultimate slim Samsung case.

Offering a layer of protection and polish, the Barely There case reveals more of your Samsung Galaxy S II. Colorful shades add a modern look, without the bulk. Made from specially engineered materials, including a hard-to-break plastic shell, the form fitting case slims in all the right places. Fits the Canadian and International Samsung Galaxy S II. Not compatible with the Sprint Epic Touch 4G (Galaxy SII). Please check back at a later time for fit information for other US device carriers.

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mixed bag

Size is nice, it's not too intrusive. I worried a bit about the edges of the phone not being covered, but i have had no problems with it so far. The major drawback of this case are the razor sharp edges the case has on all sides. They really should have been been removed in the production process. I removed them myself, but this way a layer of paint is removed, and the plastic itself is white, so it doesn't look good anymore. I'm sorry to say it, but I wouldn't recommend this case to anyone.


Poor plastic not up to the job.

I've had my Case Mate case for nine months. Cracks started to appear after a couple of months but didn't get any bigger. However the rubberised finish is now starting to wear off. Two of the corners have completley cracked off leaving the phone looking very sorry for itself. It's a shame that something that costs £15.00 for a few grammes of shaped plastic could not have lasted longer than this. Come on Case Mate do some proper research on your materials before releasing them to the public. I could not recommend this product to anyone.



so...... i purchased one of these a number of months back and within weeks, cracks and chips (yes, my custom image was chipping away!) were starting to appear on the edges. I treat my phone like a fragile kitten, so its not like I abuse my phone. I contacted customer service, they happily replaced the item (I didn't even have to send the broken one back!). Now, I'm onto my second cover, within weeks, cracks were starting to appear again. its sad..... i really like the custom option, but the quality is crap. I paid $40 + (to australia.) for this item and I'm not happy. never will i purchase again.


Super product but material lacks resitance to cracks

Bought mine on Ebay in August 2011 and it's plainly the best case I ever owned. Major disadvantage is the material's resitiveness to cracks. Mine has a crack that started growing on its own at the lower left corner, by the speaker.


Echo and crack

I bought the case 1 month ago and I had to change it one week ago because it was already cracking in the bottom left corner. Not enough with this, the case makes an annoying echo, making the person you are talking to hear their voice unpleasantly. A real shame because it looks beautiful, so definitively very bad invested 20€.

-Eduardo GR

heads up!

After only 4 months of use, the case is beginning to crack at 2 corners. I would expect cheap $5 cases to do this but not casemate. It's very disappointing. It makes me question their quality control. (please see the picture included)


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