Tough Case for Samsung Galaxy S II 4G LTE / Skyrocket

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Samsung Galaxy S II 4G LTE / Skyrocket Tough Cases The Tough Samsung Galaxy S II 4G LTE / Skyrocket cases use the strong protective power of dual layers to absorb impact and protect your Samsung Galaxy S II 4G LTE / Skyrocket in any situation. 5 out of 5 based on 5 user reviews.

Product Description SKYROCKET-TUF

  • Dual layers of silicone and polycarbonate hard shell combine for secure protection
  • Form fit feature covers back and corners
  • Available in two-toned color combinations: black/black, black/red, black/purple, black/green
  • Impact resistant, flexible plastic shell
  • Access to all ports and functions
  • Check your Samsung Galaxy S II case compatibility
Case-Mate Samsung Galaxy S II 4G LTE / Skyrocket Tough Cases
Consider it the toughest love around. The Tough Samsung Galaxy S II 4G LTE/Skyrocket case uses dual layers of resilient material for a rugged case that protects the object of your affection with a defensive style.

A form-fitting silicone skin completely surrounds the Samsung Galaxy S II, adding a layer of cushion that absorbs shocks and impacts. The impact resistant, polycarbonate hard shell fits directly on top of the silicone skin for extra Galaxy S II protection. A solid finish makes the Samsung Galaxy S II case easy-to-hold, while the streamlined design keeps the silhouette slim enough to fit in your pocket. Check your Samsung Galaxy S II compatibility here

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Favorite case so far

This case provides good coverage of the edges and with a screen protector provides the security to know your phone won't be easily damaged. I like the rubberized bottom layer and the cover is secure and fits perfectly.I wish that the cover was a bit more rubberized. It is fairly smooth but rubberized I think it would provide a little extra shock protection.


high quality/not perfect

well made 2 piece case. rubber inside, hard plastic exterior shell. the smooth plastic is a bit slippery and wish it had more of a rubberized feel on the sides for grip. I did enjoy the Case-Mate I had before which was a one piece hard plastic shell with a rubber interior, but the rubber around the buttons stretched out quickly after. Over all its a quality product and protects very well.



I have had a lot of cases over the years for Palm PDA/Phones, IPhones, and Android based Smart Phones. This is by far the best case that I have ever had. The case is a hard case doubled with a rubber sleeve. The rubber sleeve goes on first and then that goes in the hard case. The rubber sleeve covers the buttons and protects them from dirt and grime. I really like this design because it prevents dirt and grime from getting between the case and the phone. I have had some soft cases and hard cases that did protect the phone somewhat, but after months of use dirt did get in between the case and the phone. The hard case is textured and definitely improves the grip of the Samsung Galaxy S2 Skyrocket; which is very slick and slippery otherwise. The case also makes the phone feel a lot more sturdy. The case does not attract lint in your pocket like so many cases/sleeves do. Compared to the other brand, which I have had for another phone before, this case is better. It is not as bulky and the ergonomics of the case is better.

-Cole Lambert

Great case for new phone

I replaced an iphone 3GS with the Samsung Skyrocket. I want a fairly slim case for protection; it is not a fashion statement. Many of the highly protective cases are too bulky and have slick outer shells. One of the reasons I like the Casemate TOUGH is that the outer case, while "rigid" has a surface treatment that is not shiny or too slick. I wish the inner liner was a bit more stiff as it distorts when removing the phone from my pocket and I think will be permanently distorted after a time. I have had this case for a little over three weeks and am generally happy with it so far.

-John Clinton

Can't get better than the tough case

This is now my third phone where I got a tough case and I think this is the best one yet. Feels great in my hand and doesn't add as much weight or bulk as the other brand. Couldn't be happier with this case.

-Joshua Baer

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