Titanium for iPhone 4/4S

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iPhone 4/4S Titanium Case Minimally frame your iPhone with the Titanium iPhone 4 / 4S case. Providing protection and a strong, premium, titanium edge, this new luxury iPhone case physically attaches to your device for a strong look. 5 out of 5 based on 6 user reviews.
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Product Description TITANIUM

The Titanium iPhone 4 / 4S case combines detailed precision work with premium materials by physically reframing the iPhone with a genuine titanium edge.

Machined from a single piece of titanium, the premium case provides immense strength and a sleek, handcrafted look. The case tangibly attaches to your iPhone with the included tool set, literally transforming your phone. Accompanying accessory buttons are micro-machined to mirror the intrinsic feel of the iPhone 4 / 4S. The result is a cutting edge, superior design that seamlessly blends with your iPhone.
Case-Mate iPhone 4/4S Titanium Case
  • Genuine Titanium case that minimally frames your iPhone
  • Minor assembly required, tool kit with mini-screw driver, screws and buttons (Volume, On/Off, Mute) included
  • Access to all ports and functions
  • Please click here for assembly instructions

What type of material is the Titanium case made of?

Machined from a single piece of titanium, the premium case provides immense strength and a sleek, handcrafted look.

Do I have to assemble the Titanium case? Are there instructions?

Minor assembly is required. The Titanium case includes a tool kit with mini-screw driver, screws and aluminum buttons. Instructions are located here http://www.case-mate.com/iPhone_Jett_Case_Instructions.pdf

Will 3rd party accessories, such as docks and headphones, work with the Titanium case?

Aftermarket charging cables and accessories may not be compatible with the Titanium case

Does the Titanium case fit the Verizon iPhone 4?

The Titanium case is compatible with the Verizon, AT&T and International iPhone 4.

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Best Case EVER!

I combined the titanium case with a carbon fiber back plate from another manufacturer and a screen shield for another to create he BEST case I've ever had. The titanium case fits like a glove, works perfectly phone just, protects the phone as advertised, and looks great!


Best Bumper Case for iPhone 4/4S...'Nuff Said

I bought this case back in August when it first came out. Here's my review with 2 months of usage: Like: I real like the durability of the titanium material. I dropped my phone about 4 times 4-5 feet high above concrete & it protected the phone just fine. Surprisingly the case didn't get nicked that bad...I can barely see the nicked parts. If you see it and I didn't tell you, you never had guess I dropped on concrete four times. The weight feels just right. Easy to install. When I play games, the case design make it so that when I hold the phone by the speaker, it doesn't cover it up to block the sound...nice. Customer service was great too. Recommended! Dislike: Volume button that came with the case didn't fit very good, it made volume goes up and down automatically. It was very annoying. Luckily I have some rubber feet laying around so I cut it to about 1/8" and used it as a stud by placing it right in the middle of the volume button and then install the case. Problem fixed. Hopefully Case-Mate will have a fix for this. Also, the case tends to get scratch easily but fortunately it's not very visible. If you use a non-Apple USB cable, some of them may have a bigger 30-pin connector plug, thus it won't fit. The same goes for the headphone connector, some of them have a big plug and/or it's long so it won't go into the phone all the way. Just some minor things to consider. In conclusion: There's an old saying: you get what you paid for. It's $300 and it costs as much as the 32 GB iPhone but in my opinion, it's worth every penny I paid for it. Some people may think otherwise because of the price but it is titanium grade 5 (Ti-6Al-4V) and after my experience of dropping my phone and the case protects it without a hitch, I definitely got my money's worth. Like it so much I'll be getting another one for my new iPhone 4S. Hope this review helps.



This is the most beautiful case I have ever laid eyes on. It is in fact more beautiful than the iphone itself. The person who designed this case needs to be hired to take over for Steve Jobs. Agree with the other review, this case is a real eye catcher when walking down 5th Avenue, or on carriage rides through central park. I bought it for myself as a gift after my first lip injections. This is a must for any socialite or person of status. however, a platinum or gold edition would be a great step up. Also a reflective finish would be good so I can check my lipstick!

-Slyvia Nesbit

Great case

This is a very distinctive case and very durable. Well made and precision crafted. Will get one for iPhone 5 when it arrives.


Titation Case.

I've received this case as a gift from my boyfriend for our two month anniversary. It is very stylish and light-weight. I get compliments from my girlfriends all the time, and it's a head-turner whenever I'm out at the mall, shopping. It also provides with great protection against the signal issue that the iPhone has when you hold it "wrong." Overall I am happy with this case, and recommend it to anyone who is thinking of buying it.


premium titanium case is great

this case is veery protective.it may be pricey, but it is worth it.its also stylish. although it doesnt protect the back.its ok because it can show off my white iphone unlike some other case.overall protective


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