Barely There
for Nokia Lumia 920

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Nokia Lumia 920 Barely There Cases Think thin with this Barely There Nokia Lumia 920 case, featuring sleek style and minimalist design that shows off more of your device. 4 out of 5 based on 2 user reviews.

Product Description NKLUM920-BT

  • New shock-absorbing interior liner for enhanced protection
  • New lay-flat bezel protects your screen from directly contacting surfaces
  • Enhanced soft-touch finish covers an impact-resistant hard shell
  • The same sleek, ultra-thin profile that showcases more of your Lumia 920
Case-Mate Nokia Lumia 920 Barely There Cases
Think thin with the original slim case. The Barely There Nokia Lumia 920 case forms a classic and protective design that shows off the timeless look of your device. The impact resistant hard shell covers the back and sides, while the lay-flat feature protects the front of your Lumia by extending the bezel above the screen. A silicone interior liner provides impact cushioning and an impressive detailed pattern.

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Decent case, there's better options.

After having used several Barely There cases previously, I decided to give this one a shot as well. The main attraction for me was the slim design, matte finish, button accessibility, port openings, camera opening, and decent protection. I have this type of case on my Nokia N8 and I love it. I was not thrilled with this case when I got it however. Yes it's still slim and has that nice matte finish to it. Yes, the headphone jack opening was perfect as was the micro-USB opening. Yes the camera wasn't being interfered with in any way, and yes the protection was decent. What really turned me off of this case however was how it was designed around the side keys. The case literally sits right above where the keys are, and annoyed me day in and out. Some may find it to be fine. I didn't like it. The case should have been wrapped around the front slightly more to alleviate this issue.


Awesome Case

Once again I'm impressed with a case-mate case. I've used one for 2 Blackberry Bolds, a Samsung Focus, and now the Nokia Lumia 920. Each time I love how it fits, feels, and doesn't add bulk to the phone. Fantastic case and I'm glad case-mate continues to make great cases.

-Andrew Witzel