Tough Xtreme
for Nokia Lumia 900

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Nokia Lumia 900 Tough Xtreme Case Tough meets style in the Tough Xtreme Nokia Lumia 900 Case. The two-piece iPhone case combines our DuoFlex and PolyCore materials for a modern, on-trend Nokia cover with a focus on tough Nokia Lumia protection. 4 out of 5 based on 5 user reviews.

Select Color - Navy Blue / Aqua Blue


  • Navy Blue / Aqua Blue
  • Black / White

Product Description

  • Military-grade protection: Mil Spec Passed (Mil-STD-810F)
  • Two-piece, tough case formed from DuoFlex and PolyCore materials
  • Built-in screen protection
  • Form fit feature covers back and corners
  • Access to all ports and functions

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Case-Mate Nokia Lumia 900 Tough Xtreme Case
Express your toughest style with the Tough Xtreme Nokia Lumia 900 Case. The Tough Xtreme case sports a sleek design fit for any lifestyle. The two-piece Nokia case impresses with its clean, aesthetic lines and fresh, on-trend colors for good looks and convenient function.

A snap-on frame supports the front and sides of the phone, protecting the screen while the case lays facedown. The multi-layer outer piece is constructed from our revolutionary DuoFlex and PolyCore materials. The DuoFlex soft finish creates a natural cushion and an easy-to-hold grip, while also covering each of the Lumia ports. The solid PolyCore material covers the interior for snug, hard shell protection.

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Case Mate Lumia 900 ""'Tough"""

This case was something unbealivable at 1st time. It gaved great anti dust, and anti water protection. But when it droped on the floor, face (screen) down, it smashed mu lumias screen in to pices.!. It tooked me 350$ and 30 days for repair. But then, rubber Ear Layer, scraped off from moisture! Great antiwater! Thanks CM!. (see photo 1, img_1264), But thats not quite all! THEN USB protection was damaged, becouse rubber there is too way Too Thin! See Photo 2 (img_1265). So My point is that, this shit, is simple and good anly as any other antistress cases. But this one is much more expansive.! At hte end of this all, i would like to add. That this case is made from wholly/entirely rubber, which akes no stress absorption. To absorb from any damage, cas e MUST have air holes in its structure, and soft spring rubber mechanism like tiangles archetecture. like LUNATIk CASES DOES Impact Truss i mean. NOW i use Lunatik Exreme! With his own Gourilla glass.



Nice case. Tough, and the buttons/screen react as they should. It also adds a "powerhouse" look to the phone. The only downside to me is removing the case. It's a hassle. However I'm the type of guy to clean my phone atleast once every 2 weeks. Again, great case, does what it supposed to forsure. Not worth $50 though, maybe $40. MAYBE.


The best for Lumia 900

This case is undoubtedly the best for the Lumia 900, it gives superior protection and the design is very refined. The built-in screen protector adheres quite nicely to the phone's screen and does not affect the touch responsiveness. I really love this case, but this may be a bit too big for some people.


Best case you can find for the Lumia 900

First of all, I love my Lumia 900 to death. I tend to be a big klutz with phones, so I wanted to find something that would protect it from daily abuse. That's how I found the Casemate Phantom. The case adds a significant amount of bulk to the phone's width and height. I'm a small framed woman with small hands. I usually have to hold the phone with both hands while texting when it's in the case. However, I feel like the bulk keeps me from dropping the phone while using it. Without the case, the Lumia felt too thin to handle. The screen protector on the Phantom hardly reduces touch sensitivity. Speakers work flawlessly through the case as well. All the buttons on and ports on the sides line up and function perfectly. I had problems keeping the charging cable in place with my other shell case. Overall, it's a very sturdy case that fits seamlessly with the Nokia Lumia 900. The only draw backs are he limited color choices and he lack of a camera screen. I would really love to have something back there to protect my lense from scratching.


the best cover

Absolutely rugged, no trouble with prossimity sensor and camera. Really good protection for display, no trouble with pitch and zoom and other. I use it on my job, i'm industrial soldier and plumber, and after clean the display you don't find any scratch on it. Really important, the protection for the plugs,no trouble with dust. When you open it you have the contact clean. Is the best cover for smartphone. Clearly is not so cheap, but you save your smartphone from several involontary damage, 6 stars for you. Best Regards

-corrado s (Italy)

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