Pop! Case for HTC Evo 3D

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HTC Evo 3D Pop! Cases Combining a hard case with a soft rubber touch, the Pop! HTC Evo 3D case with built-in stand provides a seamless co-molded look with a protective hard cover. 3 out of 5 based on 4 user reviews.

Product Description HTCEVO3D-POP

  • Co-molding of lightweight plastic and soft rubber for a seamless protective case with a built-in stand
  • Form fit feature covers back and corners
  • Protective lay flat design keeps your screen from hitting surfaces when device is placed on its face
  • Impact resistant, flexible shell
  • Access to all ports and functions
Case-Mate HTC Evo 3D Pop! Cases
Dynamic duos take notice, there's a new twosome in town. A support system like no other, the Pop! HTC Evo 3D case with built-in stand brings a new standard to the power of two.

Co-molded materials of plastic and soft rubber unite to create a hard case with a soft touch. The lightweight plastic body of the Pop! protects from unforeseeable impacts, while keeping your screen lifted away from surfaces. The built-in stand easily unfolds for optimal viewing or remains hidden and out of the way. The Pop! features contemporary color pairings to create a modern look for your HTC Evo 3D. Rubber sides make for an easy grip. Inside, the soft material hugs your device like a glove. Not even Batman and Robin are that tight.

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Great case

This case is awesome. The speaker hole is well crafted now probably due to criticisms from the past, and it really holds the phone snugly, albeit the little problem i encountered when attempting to remove the case. Also however, i have encountered slight difficulties pressing my power button properly too, but thats not really a big issue for me. The kick stand isnt all the filmsy, and it would only fall off or break if mistreated. The plastic also doesnt really stretch easily unless you pull it; not by heating it. In other words, i would give this little fella a pat on the back. A real piece of protection and artwork at the same time.

-Jay Martin

Back cover Warning!

Hi, i'm writing this review as i am a loyal customer of case-mate. when i first get my hands with this casing, i thought it will be as good as the Samsung Galaxy S 2 Pop! casing. sadly, it isn't. kickstand is really flimsy, will fall off after awhile. worst part is, my back cover is glued into the casing every time i take my phone off. it is so bad i have to use a butter knife to pry it open from the bottom of my phone. my guess it will be that the casing is built too tight, causing my back cover to stick to the casing. and last but not least, my speaker is blocked by your casing. hope you guys can fix that as well. we hope you guys improve ASAP. =D


Best case

This is the best case I've ever had. Protects my phone and it doesn't come off easily (which is a nice) The rubber doesn't stretch and it doesn't scratch my phone. Other cases don't come with a kick-stand so having this extra feature is great. I watch movies all the time.


No worth the wating time.

When I first got this case in my hands I love it! It was a nice shinny case with a very attractive look but that was it. Cons: 1. There is no hole made for the speaker. You can cut a little piece of rubber to create the necessary space for it. If you paid for it you shouldn't fix a problem design. 2. The HTC EVO 3D gets warm after a couple minutes of use. Tis cause the soft rubber to stretch out where the charging port and the camera buttons are located. 3. I very hard to press the power button. if you need to pull your phone out of the case it will hold your battery cover inside the case and maybe your next try will break it or damage the red ring. 4. It is a scratches magnet. In two weeks you will see your phone not as pretty as it was at the beginning. 5. No warranty offer by Case-mate if you buy it from a non-official reseller like eBay. Even if they made the product they won't fix it. Pros: 1. It is a nice looking case. 2. It is sleek. 3. Has a nice cheap plastic stand. It has many problems designs that make it no worth the money you paid for.


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