Sleek Case for BlackBerry Torch 9800 / 9810

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BlackBerry Torch 9800 / 9810 Sleek Cases A sleek and sophisticated look combine in the Sleek BlackBerry Torch 9810 case. A genuine brushed aluminum inlay shows off more of your BlackBerry Torch 9810 for a slim BlackBerry Torch case that offer more than just style. 2 out of 5 based on 3 user reviews.

Product Description BB9810-ALUM

  • Genuine brushed aluminum inlay that shows off more of your BlackBerry Torch 9810
  • Form fit feature covers back and corners
  • Access to all ports and functions
Case-Mate BlackBerry Torch 9800 / 9810 Sleek Cases
Luxury is in the details with the Sleek BlackBerry Torch 9810 case. The sophisticated and sporty BlackBerry Torch 9810 case impresses with clean lines and a distinctive look.

The focal point of this BlackBerry Torch 9810 case is the striking nature of the brushed aluminum inlay. The aircraft grade aluminum fits together flawlessly with a gunmetal hard shell that surrounds the perimeter of the BlackBerry case. The slim profile case adds to the overall aesthetic of the BlackBerry Torch while creating a feeling of total refinement.

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Case is plastic not brushed aluminum

so with a 40 dollar price tag you would expect most if not all of the case to be brushed aluminum as suggested by the name but this is not the case. This is a typical barely there case except that it has a brushed aluminum piece on the back. I was very disappointed by this fact.


my top 3

Hi a blackberry lover, I'm always searching to have the best for my BB. That's why when it come to cases I always look for the best. So far for the 9810 my top 3 cases are (1)place to OEM Blackberry torch hard case, (2)this one from case-mate, (3)AGF grt case. I'm in love with this case, the quality is superb and just what I was looking for. Despite the only bad review that was posted here, I went to do a blind buy and I dont regret it. It's a nice case and I owned almost all the model out there for the 9810 and this is one to buy.


not good

this case looks great but its too thick in the front case, so the sliding mechanism is not smooth anymore and autorotate is not functioning properly because of the case thinckness.