Pop! Case w/ Stand for iPad

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iPad Pop! Case with Stand Combining a hard case with a soft rubber touch, the Pop! iPad stand provides a seamless co-molded case with a protective built-in stand. 5 out of 5 based on 7 user reviews.
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Product Description IPADPOP

  • Co-molding of lightweight plastic and soft rubber for a seamless protective case and stand
  • Form fit feature covers back and corners
  • Protective lay flat design keeps your screen from hitting surfaces when device is placed on its face
  • Impact resistant, flexible plastic shell
  • Access to all ports and functions
Case-Mate iPad Pop! Case with Stand
Dynamic duos take notice, there's a new twosome in town. A support system like no other, the iPad Pop! Case brings a new standard to the power of two.

Co-molded materials of plastic and soft rubber unite to create a hard case with a soft touch. A built-in stand extends for an ideal viewing screen or remains hidden for a flat back cover. The lightweight plastic body of the Pop! protects from unforeseeable impacts, while keeping your screen lifted away from surfaces. The Pop! features contemporary color pairings to create a modern look for your iPad. Rubber sides make for an easy grip. Inside, the soft material hugs your iPhone like a glove. Not even Batman and Robin are that tight.

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Great case!

This is a great case for my original iPad...I typically use it in landscape orientation, and this case props it at the perfect angle! It also looks great!


iPad pop case w/stand has poor stand design

I was originally thrilled with the look and fit of this new case for the original iPad. It protected the case from bumps and had a great seeming stand so that I could use the device while reading in bed. Unfortunately, the design of the case is not very sturdy, and it broke within the first 90 days so now I have a protective case that I have to hold or prop up using something other than the case's stand. Not really sure that I could recommend, and/or purchase again.

-Barbara H.

Nice case

I like this case a lot. The only complaint I have is that is was a lot heaver and bigger than I thought it was going to be. Good case if you don't mind the bulkiness. I'm still using it too. I love the stand it has in it. Works great to prop up and read.


Excellent but Needs One Small Adjustment

Overall this is a great case. It's very form fitting, very durable (I have yet to drop the iPad but it SEEMS very durable), and well constructed. The stand is excellent whether the iPad is in landscape or portrait position. My only complaint thus far is that Apple's camera connection kit did not fit the dock connection opening in the case. The connection kit pieces are SLIGHTLY wider than the opening. In my case I easily solved the problem with a small craft knife - cutting the opening slightly larger. However, there was/is no mention of this in any of the reviews or information I read prior to purchase. So, just warning to potential buyers and a suggestion to Case-Mate: make the dock connector opening SLIGHTLY wider.

-Chip Riegel

Nearly Perfect

Saw it, bought it, love it ... In the pictures I could see no sign of the metal casing of the iPad, had the bezel which fits over the screen edges been about 3mm longer the overall look would've been seemless!

-Ande Turner

Best case for the money

I search forma case forma long time and settled on this one. It is slim but functional and the best thing about it is you can remove your headrest open the stand up and run the metal rod of the headrest throughout the stand and serves as a car mount!!


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