Ruby Blue Vine by Amy Sia

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Amy Sia - Ruby Blue Vine 4 out of 5 based on 9 user reviews.

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Product Description

The Amy Sia collection pulls from both modern and traditional influences with its lively floral patterns highlighted in vibrant, surreal colors. Each unique mixed-media design incorporates painting, drawing and digital photography in order to create dynamic, dreamlike garden landscapes.
Case-Mate Custom Amy Sia - Ruby Blue Vine
  • Two-piece design adds a higher level of protection
  • Enhanced bumper with metal buttons for finishing detail and a luxurious touch
  • Interior finished liner provides a subtle cushion & elegant feel

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Worth it

This is a beautiful and protective case - the two main reasons I got it. The colors have sustained and I as usual continue to drop my phone without any damage to the phoneitself. Yes, the buttons are difficult to access as other writers have noted, but honestly, it's worth it for a case of otherwise such terrific quality. Great fit over my phone, and very unique - easy to grab MY phone in a hectic environment. I'd rather have a beautiful, unique case that a button that depresses easily.


Galaxy S3 Case

Best case I've had. I usually have to replace it frequently, but not with this. This case is worth the money and the design is lovely.


Great Styling

Great Styling. The speaker ports direct the sound forward, a great feature. Tougher then it looks. My daughter uses her phone constantly (5k texts a month) and 2.5 months later looks like new.


Great case

I purchased this case for my new iPhone 5. It provides excellent protection. I have dropped my phone a few times and have had no problems. The case is also very attractive and makes my phone easy to find.

-Barbara Hindin


I was so excited when I received this in the mail. The colors are beautiful and vibrant and the case seems like it would be very durable. However, the power button is literally impossible to push with this case on. And I mean impossible. I just read another review and it seems like they had the same problem. I regret not reading these before the purchase, considering the fact that Case-Mate does not refund the shipping price even if it's faulty merchandise. I do believe it's just the Amy Sia designs with this problem. I purchased a Cinda B case and it was perfect. Hoped this helps!


Poor design

I was so excited to get this case but was totally disappointed when I got it and realized that the bulkiness of the case at the bottom near the charger made it impossible for me to use both my iHome and my car adapter while this cover was on my phone. Do not buy this case if you plug your phone into other chargers besides the USB cord that comes with the iPhone!


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