Tuxedo Case for Amazon Kindle Fire

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Amazon Kindle Fire Tuxedo Cases The Tuxedo Kindle Fire case is the thinnest of all Kindle Fire covers. Attach to the Kindle Fire cover with the built-in and reusable adhesive. Doubling as a Kindle Fire stand with multiple viewing angles, the premium Kindle Fire case easily flips and bends with its slim silhouette. 5 out of 5 based on 5 user reviews.
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Product Description KINDLEFIRE-TUX

  • Ultra-slim Kindle Fire case silhouette
  • Adhesive securely holds your Kindle Fire in place
  • Crafted from premium leather inspired material and a highly durable brushed microfiber interior
  • Available in smooth black or caramel (brown)

Not compatible with the Amazon Kindle Fire HD

Case-Mate Amazon Kindle Fire Tuxedo Cases
The extremely slim Tuxedo Kindle Fire cover sticks with you. Featuring an innovative adhesive component, the portfolio Kindle Fire case is our thinnest front and back Kindle Fire case yet.

Attach the Kindle Fire to the Tuxedo case with the built-in and reusable adhesive, a double-sided tape that doesn’t leave any residue. The intricate manufacturing process combines heat and craftsmanship for a premium case. Doubling as a stand with multiple viewing angles, the Kindle Fire case easily flips and bends with its four foldable segments.

The Italian, leather-inspired material adds a refined touch, while the highly durable, brushed microfiber interior protects and cleans the Kindle Fire screen.

How does my Amazon Kindle Fire stay attached in the case?

The Tuxedo case uses adhesive. an innovative, double-sided tape that doesn’t leave any residue, to hold the Kindle Fire securely in place.

Will the adhesive lose its adhesive ability?

The adhesive can be reactivated with tape or water. Using tape, gently use the adhesive to remove dust and debris from the adhesive to refresh stickiness. For water, gently wipe the adhesive area with a wet tissue and let the surface air dry to refresh stickiness.

Will the adhesive leave any residue on my Kindle Fire?

The adhesive is designed to be reusable and removable.

What is the Tuxedo case made of?

The Tuxedo case is made of an Italian, high quality, leather-like material. Inside, the case is lined with a brushed microfiber to protect the Kindle Fire screen.

What do the Smart Magnets do?

The Smart Magnets are attached to the Tuxedo case. They secure the case.

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Great Case

I was looking for a slim looking case for my Kindle Fire and this case has been as advertised. It has provided me with a slim and clean look while being very functional. I have had this case for a while now and it has worn well. I would recommend this case if your looking for a slim and efficient design.


Great Case!

It's not orange like it is on the picture, it really is a caramel brown color. The case is great! It's easy to put the Kindle right on the sticky part and it does not come off and is very stable. If you're thinking of this product, make this one your decision!


Really nice, slim case

I'm really pleased with this case. The magnets are nice and strong. The case itself is very slim but still feels sturdy. I have a separate stand that I like to use for movie watching, but the case profile is so small, I don't have to remove it to put it in the stand. The magic tape holds really well. I've removed my Kindle from it on two occasions and the magic tape remains unaffected - it's holding power is as strong as ever. I bought this case in the camel color a couple of weeks ago and it was so nice that I've decided to order it in the black as well.

-Kerry Thompson

Clean and slim

What I like most about this case is the clean and slim design. The outside is a smooth black leather while the inside is the soft beige micro-fiber liner. The magic tape seems secure, after repositioning the Kindle a few times. Folding the cover into a stand for upright landscape viewing feels sturdy as well. I was skeptical about the smart magnets' ability to put the Kindle to sleep, but it appears the description has changed and it no longer claims to do that. This isn't a deal breaker for me at all. Overall I'm very pleased and I think its the best looking & least bulky case available for the Kindle Fire.


Good to Go

I like the look of the case when I received it. The magic tape seems to hold the Kindle. The Kindle feels more secure when I hold it and more comfortable. I would liked to have a second position for support. I really like the sleep factor when I close the case. When I have to stop reading and leave quickly, it's easy to stow away and I feel confident by Kindle is protected and asleep.


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